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              CA EDM MS-1083 · Fonds · 1983 (original created [ca. 1900]-[ca. 1931])

              The fonds consists of copies of photos from the Gray family photo album.
              The photographs include photos of the Gray family, including Bishop Gray in his professional capacity, as well as local Boy Scouts and All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral.

              Gray, Henry Allen
              CA EDM MS-275 · Fonds · 1939 - 1945

              The fonds consists of materials created by Colonel Eric Cormack between 1939 and 1945. The fonds consists of an article on war brides and war time marriages written by Colonel Cormack and based on his own experiences as a commanding officer during the war.

              Cormack, Colonel Eric Wyld
              Edmonton Bulletin fonds
              CA EDM MS-1071 · Fonds · 1911, 1947-1951

              The fonds consists of photos taken by Eric Bland for the Edmonton Bulletin in the last five years of the Bulletin’s existence (April 1947-January 1951) (EA-600). The photos include Edmonton personalities, accidents, events, clubs and societies, buildings (including churches, schools and hospitals), commerce, industry, transportation and military.
              The fonds also includes images used in the publication 'Edmonton Bulletin Special Edition 1911' (EB-26). This publication gave a history of Edmonton to that point. The photographs include people, houses, buildings businesses, street scenes, bridges and transportation.

              Edmonton Bulletin
              CA EDM MS-676 · Fonds · 1988-1995

              The fonds consists of materials created by the Edmonton Community Worship Hour Church between 1988 and 1995. The fonds consists of programmes and financial reports for the Edmonton Community Worship Hour Church and a copy of a paper written by Pastor Collins on the Shiloh Baptist Church, "The Spiritual Role of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Edmonton" .

              Edmonton Community Worship Hour
              Father Emeric Drouin fonds
              CA EDM MS-288 · Fonds · 1981

              Fonds consists of one copy of "One Armed Star from the East", and a manuscript relating to the origins and development of the Catholic church in the Edmonton area.

              Drouin, Father Emeric
              Frederick J. Marshall fonds
              CA EDM MS-180 · Fonds · 1913-1965

              The fonds consists of material created or collected by Frederick Marshall, including records on McDougall Church, Rev. Rundle’s Mission in Alberta, patient newsletters from the Royal Alexandria Hospital, some promotional material for Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan, and handwritten reminiscences by Frederick Marshall.

              The photographs include several photos of Indigenous men, women and children, including Chief Full Moon, Chief Duck and Chief Hector Crawler, and a photograph of George T. Montgomery, Mayor of Fort Saskatchewan.

              The fonds also includes books and periodicals: St. Paul’s United Church Edmonton (287.9 PAU 1956), Canadian Born and Other Western Verse (819 AND 1913), Mission Among the Buffalo: The Labours of the Reverends George M. and John C. McDougall in the Canadian Northwest 1860-1876 (266.71 NIX) and Moccasin Telegraph: Magazine for HBC Fur Traders (1949 December, 1951 Winter, 1952 December).

              Marshall, Frederick J.
              CA EDM MS-595 · Fonds · 1969 - 2010

              The Gay and Lesbian Archives captures many aspects of Edmonton’s gay and lesbian population, ca. 1970 to the mid-2000s and the growth of organizations and groups to facilitate and serve them. The primary organizations represented in the fonds, and described as the first four series of the fonds are: the Gay Alliance Toward Equality (GATE), Gay and Lesbian Awareness (GALA), the AIDS Network of Edmonton Society, and the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Edmonton (GLCCE). Within each of these organizations, are administrative records including bylaws, constitution, meeting minutes and documents, financial statements, and correspondence, as well as any type of activity or committee records maintained by the said organization.

              There is inter-relatedness to many of these organizations, and the boundaries between their activities and mandate can be hard to distinguish from one another. Series 5, as an example, is the Edmonton Pride Festival Society records, which had origins with both GALA and GLCCE but outgrew both organizations to form its own society in 1999, and is concerned with numerous on-going annual pride events organized for Edmonton. Other series in the fonds that have origins in earlier organizations include Series 9: Civil/Human Rights; Series 12: Organizations; and Series 13: Resources and References. Responsibilities for collecting in these series shifted as organizations and their committees closed and reopened under new names and structures, and so the decision was made to organize the records within separate series to better describe them and capture this evolution.

              The remaining series in the fonds represents a way to organize the records to reflect what has already been donated, but also allow for expansion as further accruals are received.

              Smaller series in the fonds include series 6, the University of Alberta Gay organizations; series 7: Sporting Associations; and Series 10, Youth Related Organizations and Resources. While relatively small yet in extent, there is the potential for growth within each of these series as new University-related groups, sporting organizations, and youth-focused associations relating to Edmonton’s GLBQT population form. Gay cultural and social organizations were also established in Edmonton, and two of the series in the fonds relate directly to these: Series 8 is records of the Vocal Minority Music Society which later became Edmonton Vocal Minority, and Series 11 contains records from some of the clubs and entertainment venues that operated in Edmonton. The connection between series is again obvious, as for example, the gay entertainment clubs often hosted events and activities as fundraisers for the Aids Network of Edmonton. Continued expansion in these series is also likely.

              A final series was created to capture those files created by Michael Phair, a well-known Edmontonian and activist for the gay community of Edmonton. His name is connected with many of the groups represented in this fonds, and he was a prime mover behind the gathering and preserving of the Gay and Lesbian archive.

              Series are as follows:

              • Series 1 – Gay Alliance Toward Equity (GATE)
              • Series 2 – Gay and Lesbian Awareness (GALA)
              • Series 3 – AIDS Network / HIV Edmonton
              • Series 4 – Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Edmonton (GLCCE) / Pride Centre of Edmonton
              • Series 5 – Edmonton Pride Festival Society / Pride Events
              • Series 6 – University of Alberta Gay Organizations
              • Series 7 – Sporting Associations
              • Series 8 – The Vocal Minority Music Society / Edmonton Vocal Minority
              • Series 9 – Civil / Human Rights
              • Series 10 – Youth Related Organizations / Resources
              • Series 11 – Clubs / Entertainment Venues
              • Series 12 – Organizations
              • Series 13 – Resources and References
              • Series 14 – Michael Phair records
              Gay and Lesbian Archives of Edmonton
              Gerald M. Hutchinson fonds
              CA EDM MS-132 · Fonds · 1974

              This fonds consists of notes and articles prepared by G.M. Hutchinson relating to the work of Robert Rundle, who was one of a small group of missionaries who were sent to Canada by the Wesleyans (Methodists) in England in 1840. Rundle was the first Protestant missionary to reach the area which is now Alberta. His first headquarters was Fort Edmonton from where he traveled as far as Rocky Mountain House, the Bow River near the future site of Banff, and Beaver Lake. Shortly before he left Canada in 1848 he established a mission at Pigeon Lake, now known as the Rundle Mission.
              The material was used in research for Rundle House at Fort Edmonton Park.
              The fonds also includes a photograph of Rev. Robert Rundle and his bride, Mary Wolverson.
              Item List:

              • memorandum re: marriages performed by Rundle in Saskatchewan District; includes a list of 7 marriages Rundle performed at Edmonton House 1841-1848, n.d.
              • historical article, “The Rev. Robert Terrill Rundle at Fort Edmonton”, by G.M. Hutchinson, July, 1974
              • address, “The British (Wesleyan) Mission to North America, 1840-1854”, by G.M. Hutchinson, October 2, 1974.
                The records include references to: Phroisine Brabon, Ephriam Evans, Hugh Frazer, Antione Gouin, Francoise Gouin, Margaret Harriott, Paul Kane, Paul Kane Jr., Rev. William Mason, Peter Ogden, Antione Osee, Judie Osee, Jean Baptiste Pauldit, Jean Baptiste Raymond, John Rowand, John Rowand. Mary Wolverson Rundle, Rev. Robert Terrill Rundle, See-Seel, Sir George Simpson, Angelique Tessier, Father Thybeault, Elizabeth Ward, George Ward and the Wesleyan Missionary Society.
              Hutchinson, Gerald M.
              CA EDM MS-189 · Fonds · 1995 - 2009

              This fonds consists of documents relating to the 50th anniversary of St. George's Greek Orthodox Church community and a list of presidents of the Greek Orthodox Community of Edmonton.

              Greek Orthodox Community of Edmonton and District
              Hilda Mary Robinson fonds
              CA EDM MS-393 · Fonds · 1930, 1965 - 1988

              The fonds consists of materials created or collected by Hilda Mary Robinson during her role as a librarian and volunteer. These organizations and institutions include Northwest Industries Limited, the University of Alberta, All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Concordia College, Edmonton Klondike Days, the Library Association of Alberta, the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Legion. The records of each of these organizations consist of publications, correspondence with members, and some notes Hilda Robinson might have taken while attending a meeting of the organization. Also included are various published materials from institutions that Hilda Robinson was employed by or volunteered for. Most of the materials are Concordia yearbooks which included staff member photos that included Hilda Robinson as a library staff member.

              Robinson, Hilda Mary