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Agencies and External Community Groups

This series consists of records relating to external agencies that have regular dealings with the City of Edmonton in its capacity to provide a safe, healthy and vibrant city, including Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, School Boards, sports organizations and other community organizations. These organizations may use City facilities to provide programs for recreation, sports, arts, culture, and education.

This series contains the following subseries:

  • Subseries 5.1: Community Leagues
  • Subseries 5.2: Sports and Recreational Organizations

Finance Committee Reports

This series contains reports from the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee was established in 1914. The Committee discussed City financial matters and reported to Council. The Finance Committee was succeeded by the Finance and Budgeting Committee, then the Economic Affairs Committee.

Valley Zoo

This sub-series contains records created in the planning and operation of the Storyland Valley Zoo. The material includes correspondence as well as records relating to administration, strategic planning, facility and exhibit development, animal acquisition and care, programming, finances, personnel, external organizations, and media coverage.

The sub-series includes photographs of animals and zoo facilities around 1970 (EA-20-623 to EA-20-633), as well as postcards of Edmonton and photos of Fort Edmonton Park (EA-20-635 to EA-20-641), and historic photographs of the construction of the High Level Bridge, Fort Edmonton, the Legislature, and the Edmonton Ski Club (EA-20-642 to EA-20-645). The subseries also includes a set of postcards depicting the Valley Zoo from ca. 1970 (EA-20-5471 to EA-20-5500).

The file list was arranged by type of record.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Indigenous Material Finding Aid

This item consists of the thematic finding aid for records relating to Indigenous peoples. The City of Edmonton Archives has a variety of material "about" Indigenous peoples, consisting of the "official" records of the City where it has interactions with them. Because jurisdiction for Indigenous people was held at the federal government level, there are not many of these records and they tend to present snapshots in time, rather than the full story of the City's relationships with Indigenous people. This Finding Aid helps to bring together a wide variety of sources of information for the researcher, but does not represent a comprehensive collection of all historical sources relating to Indigenous political, social, economic and cultural development. There is a brief overview of how some of the records came into being and a note on completing research projects with this material at the beginning of the Finding Aid which should be read for context and for the researcher's self care.

Sheet Music Finding Aid

This item consists of the thematic finding aid compiling records regarding Sheet Music. Many people collected sheet music for their own pleasure and to assist them to entertain others. Many Archives accept such collections because it helps researchers tell the stories of a community's cultural influences, social activities and attitudes. Many of the items themselves are aesthetic works as well as they contain examples of contemporary art on their covers. This Finding Aid will also allow those seeking specific titles of musical pieces to see if they are held in the City of Edmonton collections in one central resource.

The First World War Finding Aid

This item consists of the thematic finding aid compiling records regarding the First World War. As the anniversaries of several events associated with the First World War approached, the City of Edmonton Archives thought to provide assistance to researchers interested in the subject through the creation of a Finding Aid to describe the related material held in the repository. The Finding Aid includes a brief overview of how the City of Edmonton reacted to the onset of the War and recruitment for it, as well as efforts on the home front to support our armed forces.

The Alberta Hotel Finding Aid

This item consists of the thematic finding aid compiled of records regarding the Alberta Hotel. The Alberta Hotel was a historic building which was systematically demolished in 1983 with the intention of rebuilding it in another location at some point. The reconstruction was finally accomplished in 2012 when the building was reopened as the headquarters of CKUA Radio within a half block of its original site. At the time of the re-opening, City of Edmonton Archivists thought that there might be interest in the Alberta Hotel's story and so created this finding aid to assist researchers to find all the material held in the Archives.

Curated Finding Aids

This series consists of thematic and format-based finding aids created by the Archivists, or students and volunteers under their direction, to assist researchers looking for material related to specific subjects across collections (MS fonds or RG [government] records collections) or materials in various formats of records (i.e. publications or posters). There is usually an informative essay providing context about the subject. The material may be divided into subsections in a table of contents to assist the researcher in selecting the kinds of material desired for their search. Each finding aid will be as comprehensive as possible at the time it was created - but other material may be discoverable in the archives as more material is processed or added to collections.

City of Edmonton Archives

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