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Edmonton Social Planning Council fonds

  • CA EDM MS-323
  • Fondo
  • 1929-1994

The fonds consists of the records from the Edmonton Social Planning Council (E.S.P.C.) from its inception to the early 1990s. The records within the fonds capture the changing activities and functions of the Council throughout its history and its work in social welfare. The records include correspondence, administrative records, reports, studies, minutes, newsletters, publications, financial records, directories, manuals, bylaws, clippings, memorandums and briefs. Also included in the fonds are photographs of an annual meeting and housing in Edmonton.

The fonds provides insight into the history of social welfare in Edmonton and covers a variety of social issues including healthcare, childcare, education, poverty, housing, transportation, disabilities, reproductive rights, legal rights, immigration, Indigenous and Metis people, youth and addiction.

The fonds is organized into 12 series:
1- Communications and Operations
2 - Finance
3 - Board of Directors
4 - Annual Reports
5 - Canadian Welfare Council
6 - Council Projects
7 - Reports and Publications
8 - Youth Services Division
9 - United Community Fund Greater Edmonton
10 - Periodicals
11 - Non-Edmonton Social Planning Council Reports
12 - Photographs

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Ellerslie Rugby Park

The series consists of records from 1963 to 1993 pertaining to the development and operations of Ellerslie Rugby Park, home to the Edmonton Rugby Union, located on Ellerslie Road, Edmonton, Alberta. The series includes correspondence, financial records, land titles, legal correspondence, reports, brochures, insurance appraisals, and architectural drawings of proposed plans. Also included in the series are minutes from the Ellerslie Rugby Park Management Board meetings.

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Edmonton Rugby Union fonds

  • CA EDM MS-672
  • Fondo
  • 1961-1993

The fonds consists of materials created by the Edmonton Rugby Union (ERU) between 1961 and 1993. The records within the fonds capture the development of the union, its operations, facilities, and finances. The fonds provides insight into a Edmonton sports organization and its operations. The fonds consists of minutes, agendas, correspondence, financial records, clippings, fundraising information, guidelines, marketing materials, Commonwealth Games brief, team lists and records, ERU annual reports, and Board of Directors' meeting minutes. Also included in the fonds are architectural drawings for Ellerslie Rugby Park and records from the Women Aiding Rugby of Edmonton (W.A.R.).

The fonds also consists of materials from the Alberta Rugby Union (ARU), which represent their relationship with the ERU. Records pertaining to the ARU include annual reports, handbooks, bylaws, certificate of incorporation, correspondence, and finances.

The fonds is organized into 5 series:
1 - Ellerslie Rugby Park
2 - Finances and Operations
3 - Edmonton Rugby Union Minutes
4 - Annual Reports
5 - Alberta Rugby Union

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Edmonton Rugby Union Minutes

The series consists of minutes from the Edmonton Rugby Union Board of Directors meetings, joint meetings with the Alberta Rugby Union and various committees. The series also consists of agendas, correspondence, financial records, bulletins, reports, and a lease agreement with the Percy Page Centre.

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Office of the City Clerk Current Bylaws

  • CA OCC OCC-1
  • Colección
  • 1900 - 2022

This collection consists of current Bylaws scanned by the Office of the City Clerk.

Note: this does not represent all the current Bylaws at the City of Edmonton as only a selection of Bylaws has been scanned.

Alberta Rugby Union

The series consists of records pertaining to the Alberta Rugby Union (ARU) from 1967 to 1989 including annual reports, handbooks, correspondence, by-laws, certificate of incorporation and financial records. These records provide representation of the relationship between the Edmonton Rugby Union and the ARU.

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Annual Reports

The series consists of the Edmonton Rugby Union’s annual reports from 1974 to 1988. The series also includes a summer report from 1975.

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Finances and Operations

The series consists of records from 1963 to 1993 pertaining to the finances and operations of the Edmonton Rugby Union. The series includes financial statements, fundraising records, correspondence, marketing materials, guidelines, newsletters, club records, E.R.U secretary treasurer files, E.R.U Vice President files and clippings. The series also consists of records pertaining to rugby fixtures, the Women Aiding Ruby of Edmonton (W.A.R.), the Commonwealth Games and Edmonton rugby teams.

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City of Edmonton. Planning Department fonds

  • CA EDM RG-17
  • Fondo
  • 1902 - 2017

This fonds contains the records of the Planning Department and its predecessors. An arrangement has been placed on the records. They have been placed into the following series:

  • Series 17.0: Planchecker's Files
  • Series 1: Planning Department Records 1970-1982
  • Series 2: Municipal Planning Commission
  • Series 3: Names Advisory Committee
  • Series 4: Address Coordination Committee
  • Series 5: Permits
  • Series 6: Photographs
  • Series 7: Scrapbooks
  • Series 8: Development Appeal Board
  • Series 9: Heritage Planning
  • Series 10: Town Planning Commission
  • Series 11: Condominium Subdivision Files
  • Series 12: Subdivision Files
  • Series 13: Land Use Bylaw Files

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Land Use Bylaw Files

This series consists of Land Use Bylaw files. These files contain the records created through the process of amending zoning (generally 2135 Zoning Bylaw and, later, 5996 Land Use Bylaw) to allow for new development, including applications, correspondence, copies of bylaws, and other documentation.

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