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Matthew McCauley Family

The series consists of family and business records of Matthew McCauley and his family. The family records include biographies on Matthew McCauley and his family. There are also family history narratives, family tree sheets, and some photocopies of photographs.

The business records are for Matthew McCauley’s butcher shop and cartage businesses. The ledgers list the daily transactions or general accounts of the businesses, which include the names of many (now well known) Edmonton families and the costs of the material, product or service provided (ex: hay, meat, livery, hauling and cartage).

The photographs include the first train across the North Saskatchewan River, Matthew’s children, and the First Presbyterian Church Choir.

Matthew McCauley Family

First Train Across Low Level Bridge

On photo: This is the first photo of the first train as she steamed over the bridge and touched the fertile soil of Edmonton. This is also the first train that crossed the North Saskatchewan River.

Children of Matthew & Matilda McCauley

Standing - Alexander James Henry McCauley.
Standing (in white dress) - Margaret Jane McCauley.
Seated (in dark dress) - Lillian 'Lillie' Bell McCauley.
Seated (in white dresses) - twins Julia Alberta McCauley & Mabel Victoria McCauley.
In front - Maud Muriel McCauley, May Emeline McCauley (beside Lillie), Frank McCauley

First Presbyterian Church Choir, Edmonton

Back row, standing, L to R: ? , ? , ? , Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Dunlop, Alex J.H. McCauley (organist), ? ,
Middle row, seated, L to R: ? , Mr. McKenzie, Rev. D.G. McQueen, ? , Annie Cookson (the second Mrs. Matthew McCauley)
Front row, seated, L to R: Mrs. Jimmy Douglas, ? , Margaret J. McCauley, Mrs. Fred Ross

Alexander J.H. McCauley Family

The series consists of records of Alexander J.H. McCauley, predominantly musical programmes, many of which list him as the pianist or accompanist. The other programmes where he is not listed, it is presumed these were concerts or performances that Alexander attended.

The series also includes a musical biography of Alexander’s son, William A. McCauley.

Alexander J.H. McCauley Family

Julia Alberta McCauley Norquay Family

The series consists of narratives and records on the history of the Julia McCauley Norquay family, including a poem written by Marjorie van de Sande. There are also records and photographs of the Elizabeth Norquay and Bernard Aylen family.

Julia Alberta McCauley Norquay Family

North-West Mounted Police Officers

N.W.M.P. Officers
Front row, seated, L to R: Alexander Norquay, Col. Belsher, Sam Steele, Dr. P. Aylen, ? ,
Back row, standing, L to R: ? , Dr. Malcolmson, ? , ? , ? , Bishop Gray.

Alexander Norquay married Julia Alberta McCauley.


Likely Major Peter Aylen and the C Squadron of the Mounted Rifles.

Peter Aylen was father of Bernard Greer Aylen (who married Elizabeth Norquay, daughter of Julia Alberta McCauley).

Samuel McCauley Family

The series consists of family and business records for Samuel McCauley and his family.

The family papers include a family tree page and family history narratives.

The business records include booklets with the costs and amount of construction material used for various projects and clients, and photographs of some of the construction and hauling work done by Samuel McCauley and his crew.

Samuel McCauley Family

Lower Ferry

Samuel McCauley and family arrived in Edmonton in April 1892 and Sam got a job running the Lower Ferry. This ferry was located in the vicinity of the Low Level Bridge. Another ferry was operated near 7th Street by John Walter.

Samuel McCauley is seated on the wagon, holding the head of a second horse. The small boy in the centre is Sam's son, Dan McCauley.

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