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Richard MacDonald fonds

  • CA EDM MS-17
  • Fondo
  • 1919, 1928-1971

The fonds consists of programs and photographs of theatre and other cultural events, in many of which Richard and Inez MacDonald were part of the company, primarily as set designer and make-up artist, respectively. The records also include newspaper clippings, correspondence, and magazines relating to the life and career of Richard MacDonald and to the theatre and radio in Edmonton, notably the Edmonton Little Theatre and radio station CKUA.
The textual material was arranged as follows:

  • Programs (by theatre group)
  • News clippings
  • Reports and letters
  • Periodicals

MacDonald, Richard

Georgina Kravitz fonds

  • CA EDM MS-265
  • Fondo
  • [ca. 1978]

The fonds consists of a research paper entitled "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight - Amateur and Professional Entertainment in Edmonton before 1900". This is an important reference to entertainment in early Edmonton.

Kravetz, Georgina

Monty Cooper fonds

  • CA EDM MS-584
  • Fondo
  • 1979-1998

This fonds consists of twenty original 4 by 5 inch ink drawings (two matted) of Edmonton landscapes drawn in 1979-1995 and a 63 p. booklet of sketches titled "Edmonton Cityscapes". Later accruals included another 41 "Edmonton Cityscapes" sketches.

Cooper, Monty

Peter C. Arends fonds

  • CA EDM MS-605
  • Fondo
  • 1912-1972

The fonds consists of research gathered in the late 1960's by Peter Arends pertaining to 20th Century Edmonton architects and includes biographical data, copies of photographs, and building attributes for: R. Percy Barns, C. Lionel Gibbs, Cecil S. Burgess, Richard P. and William Blakey, Alfred M. Calderon, Cauchon & Vautyne, Francis X. Deggendorfer, John K. Dow, David Hardie, Wm. S. Edmiston, James Henderson, Edward C. Hopkins, Allen M. Jeffers, H. D. Johnson, George M. Lang, Frank Lansdowne, Roland W. Lines, George H. MacDonald, Herbert A. Magoon, William P. Major, John Martland, Ernest W. Morehouse, J. H. Rudy, H. Storey, George E. Turner, Edward Underwood, H. M. and W. A. Whiddington [Whiddingdon], Arthur G. Wilson & Herald, and James A. Wize. The fonds also includes a panoramic view of Edmonton in 1912 printed by Hamly Press in 1962, information about various Edmonton landmark buildings, a charcoal copy from a photograph of the First Chapel in Fort Edmonton built in 1869 and detailed notes on St. Joachim Church.

Arends, Peter C.

Greater Vernon Museum and Archives collection

  • CA EDM MS-401
  • Colección
  • [ca. 1918] - 1939

The collection consists of records transferred from the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives, as better fitting the mandate of the City of Edmonton Archives.

File list:

  1. Sheet music - The Boys of the Great Western Plains, words and music by Pte. W. Watson, 138th Batt., CEF, Edmonton; dedicated to the 49th Canadian CEF Edmonton Alberta Batt'n (Loyal Edmonton Regiment), [ca. 1918].

  2. Postcard - (of Field, BC and Mt. Stephen), addressed to Mrs. Mohr;
    Souvenir Programme - Souvenir to Commemorate the Fortieth Year of the Ministry of Rev. D.G. McQueen, 1927 - annotated with Mrs. Mohr, Vernon.

  3. Souvenir Programme - The Visit of Their Most Gracious Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the Province of Alberta, Edmonton, 1939.

Greater Vernon Museum and Archives

Wallace McSween fonds

  • CA EDM MS-689
  • Fondo
  • 1955-1996

This fonds contains material from Wallace McSween's acting career, including programs and reviews from plays and other performances in Edmonton, Calgary, British Columbia and across Canada. There is also personal remembrances, poetry, prose, letters of appreciation, commendations, his obituary and eulogies.

McSween, Wallace

William Hamilton Architect Ltd. fonds

  • CA EDM MS-740
  • Fondo
  • 1983, 1985

This fonds contains documents relating to the dismantling and demolition of the Alberta Hotel, which occupied the northeast corner of Jasper Avenue and 98th Street from 1903 to 1984. The fonds also contains a reconstruction document. Because part of the reconstruction documentation consisted of three binders of photographs, those binders have been photocopied for the fonds. The photocopied binders are cross referenced to the EA collection. The fonds also contains a set of architectural drawings.
File List:
File 1: Proposal to dismantle hotel, 1983.
File 2: Tender documents for dismantling, 1983.
File 3: Specifications for dismantling, 1983.
File 4: Reconstruction document, 1985.
File 5: Dismantling photos (copies), 1983, 1984.
File 6: Dismantling photos (copies), 1984.
File 7: Notes, 1983, 1984.
File 8: Architectural Drawings & Floor Plans, [1985]. (o/s)

William Hamilton Architect Ltd.

Thomson, McRae Family fonds

  • CA EDM MS-168
  • Fondo
  • 1899 - 1913, 1944, [ca. 1970]

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the Thomson and McCrae families.

File 1
Certificate – Letter of Appointment to Postmastership, Mr. George Thomson, 27 September 1907, at Strathcona.

File 2
Manuscript – John Joseph and Flora Anne McRae, a family history that includes details on their first six children – Alexander, Anne, Jeanette, Catherine, Mary Anne, and Annie. Unknown author, [ca. 1970].

The photographs include George Thomson and his drugstore.

McRae Family

Cyril Geoffrey Wates fonds

  • CA EDM MS-48
  • Fondo
  • 1916 - 1946

This fonds consists of publications, plays, and newspaper articles written by Cyril Wates, as well as assorted correspondence and records relating to the Edmonton chapter of the Alpine Club of Canada. The fonds also contains an article and correspondence of Helen Adela (Burns) Wates, as well as photographs of Helen Adela (Burns) Wates' family, ca. 1870-1880, Cyril Wates' telescope, 1942 and mountain climbing activities, ca. 1924-1938.

Wates, Cyril Geoffrey

Edmonton Women's Musical Club fonds

  • CA EDM MS-654
  • Fondo
  • 1910-1963

The fonds consists of materials created by the Edmonton Women's Musical Club between 1910 and 1963. The fonds consists of minutes, scores, programs, bylaws, annual reports, scholarship papers, membership information, financial records, scrapbooks and photographs.

Edmonton Women's Musical Club

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