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Peters Family fonds
CA EDM MS-1013 · Fondo · 1915

The fonds consists of photographs of Alberta College student groups.
Harry Peters is in the 1914-1915 Students’ Council of Alberta College photograph and both Mary Mulligan and Pearl Watt are in the photograph of an Alberta College Female Class 1914-1915.

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Kathleen Waddell fonds
CA EDM MS-1060 · Fondo · 1915, 1943 - 1945

The fonds consists predominantly of records from Kathleen Waddell’s time in the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service. They include one menu card for the Christmas Dinner 1943 of HMCS Stadacona and photographs of Kathleen as a Wren (EA-557-1 to EA-557-11).
There are also photographs of the 1915 flood of the North Saskatchewan River taken by Kathleen’s father, Robert Waddell (EA-557-12 to EA-557-14).

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Chief Sanderson, Galt
CA EDM MS-1060-EA-557-2 · Unidad documental simple · 1943
Parte de Kathleen Waddell fonds

Kathleen Waddell trained as a WREN in Galt, Ontario. Chief Sanderson was her superior officer.

Off To Galt, Ontario
CA EDM MS-1060-EA-557-3 · Unidad documental simple · 29 Mar 1943
Parte de Kathleen Waddell fonds

Ruth Boyden, Kathleen Waddell and Winona Hauff off to Galt, Ontario for training.