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Edmonton Eskimo Football Club

  • Front Row (l to r): Dan Edwards (Assistant Coach), Johnny Bright, Gino Fracas (Co-Captain), Gordon Wynn (President), Eagle Keys (Head Coach), Joe Ryan (General Manager), Jackie Parker (Co-Captain), Pat Dye, Bob Kellogg (Assistant Coach).
  • Second Row (l to r): 'Chuck' Quilter, Jim Letcavits, Ted Tully, Don Barry, Howie Schumm, Jim Shipka, Vic Chapman, Joe-Bob Smith, Oscar Kruger, Nat Dye, Dunc Harvey.
  • Third Row (l to r): Al Henderson (Assistant Trainer), Roy Stevenson, Mike Volcan, Mike Lashuk, Don Getty, Rollie Miles, Mike Kmech, Al Ecuyer, Larry Fleisher, Ed Gray, Dick Buday (Trainer).
  • Fourth Row (l to r): Stan Moher (Publicist), Ronnie Quillen, Roy Cameron, Bill Smith, Don Duncalfe, Don Stephenson, Bobby Walden, Toby Deese, Bill Hill, Roger Nelson, Jack Lamb, Art Walker, Ted Allard (Equipment Head).
  • Absent: Dr. M.A. Emery (Team Doctor).
  • Photo from Scrapbook 3.

Edmonton Eskimos team photo

  • Photo found in scrapbook.
  • Kelly, Brian;
  • Mandarich, John;
  • Jones, Stephen;
  • Johnstone, Chris;
  • Kulka, Glen;
  • Tuinei, Tom;
  • Howlett, Steve;
  • Mumphrey, Lloyd;
  • Kearns, Dan;
  • Wruck, Larry;
  • Balkovec, Frank;
  • Dermott, Blake;
  • Schmidt, Blaine;
  • Chapman, Kurt;
  • Blanchard, Leo;
  • Sparenberg, David;
  • Stevenson, Bill;
  • Pothier, Hector;
  • Connop, Rod;
  • Phillips, Rudy;
  • Mohr, Larry;
  • Richards, Tom;
  • Cyncar, Marco;
  • Howard, Ron;
  • Bass, Danny;
  • House, Rick;
  • Jones, Milson;
  • Skinner, Chris;
  • Hill, Stewart;
  • Green, Bruce;
  • Shaffer, Craig;
  • McLean, Mike;
  • Williams, Henry;
  • Dixon, Tom;
  • Harding, Greg;
  • Jackson, Mark;
  • Toney, Cliff;
  • Allen, Damon;
  • Taylor, Brad;
  • Deslauriers, Laurent;
  • Dunigan, Matt;
  • Bell, James;
  • Volpe, Jeff

Edmonton Football Team

  • Edmonton Bulletin 24 Oct 1892 (p 6): While the Edmonton teams (lacrosse, baseball) were in Calgary one of the Calgary football players lead some of the Edmonton boys to believe there was a good chance of a Calgary football team visiting Edmonton this fall; so on the arrival of the teams from Calgary a meeting was held, a football club formed and a challenge sent at once to the secretary of the Calgary football club, asking them if they could come here and play a match, but the Calgary secretary has not thought it worth his while to answer it. If Calgary teams cannot come here they might at least have the civility to answer the letters.
  • Scrapbook: The letter was finally answered. Calgary defeated.
  • Back row (l to r): Al Paterson, 'Red' Macdonald (NWMP), Campbell Young (Captain), Herb Edmiston (Referee), ? Cunningham (Parson), Willie Wilkie (Touch Judge).
  • Middle row (l to r): ? McLean, Frank Adamson, Art Adamson, Dick Hardisty, ? McKie.
  • Front row (l to r): Ed Raymer, ? Frean, Billie Edmiston, Chas. Bremner, Billie Fielders, Laurie Adamson.
  • Photo from Scrapbook 1.

Edmonton Eskimos - 1911

  • Back row (l to r): Fitzgerald, Drummond, Taylor, Deacon White, Wilson, Dykes (Capt), ?, ?, Hardisty, Dawson, Michaels, Mathews
  • Front row (l to r): Lewis, Conway, Coombs, McDonald, Barnes, Bishopric, ?, ?, O'Donahue.
  • Photo from Scapbook 1.

Edmonton Rugby Team - Alberta Champions 1913

  • Back (l to r): Hardisty, Stevens, Wismer (Ass't Coach), Miller, Stewart, Bailey, Banting, ?, Bessey, Deacon White (Coach), Bagley.
  • Centre (l to r): Cormack, ?, Stearns, Raymond, Conway, ?, Yule, Graham, Stuart.
  • Front (ground, l to r): Eaton, Cullman.
  • Photo from Scrapbook 1.

Edmonton Eskimo Football Club - 1950

62 ?; 56 Morris Bailey; 45 Dimitri Goloubef; 32 ?; 63 Don Durno; 58 Don Narrell; 57 ?; 49 Paul Alford; 51 ?; 41 Jim Macrae; 98 Tom Cleary; 39 ?; 33 Harry Bunting; 55 Ken Moore; 52 Earl Valiquette; 46 ?; 60 ?; 31 ? 38 Bob Paffrath; 34 Dr. Brian Dunsworth; 61 Doug Brightwell; 53 Bill Hortie; 29 ?; 59 ?; 40 Harry Hobbs; 37 Frank Hickey; 54 John Dlugos; 42 ?; 47 Alf Geisthart; 43 ?; 35 Annis Stukus; 44 ?; 30 Peter Lougheed.

  • Photo from Scrapbook 1.
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