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1914-1915 Students' Council of Alberta College

Back row L to R: H. Peters (Sec. YMCA), E.L. Anderson (Sec. Literary Society), G.E. Graham (Pres. Literary Society), G.F. Hustler (Pres. Athletics), H.S. Bird (Pres. YMCA), E.R. Hoover (Sec. Athletics), .R. Geeson (Sec-Treas);
Front row L to R: W.Forshaw (Vice-President), J.H. Riddell (Hon-President), H. Bosomworth (President)

Nurses At Edmonton Public Hospital

Identified in the Edmonton Journal 6 July 1934
Back row l to r: C. Blue (Mrs. C. Bonneau), E.G. Miller (Mrs. E.G. McManus), A. McDonald (Mrs. A. Hunt), B. Hughes (Mrs. B. Farquharson), Miss McIssac, Miss Sargeant (Mrs. R.J. Grant);
Front row l to r: N. McRae (Mrs. N. Chinneck), Miss Gries (Mrs. R. Munroe), E. Shaw (Mrs. E. Weaver)

Byron-May Co. 61471

Off To Galt, Ontario

Ruth Boyden, Kathleen Waddell and Winona Hauff off to Galt, Ontario for training.

"Big Chief and Tribesmen Stage Large Pow-Wow"

Waterloo Mercury's hockey banquet with attendees, L-R: Bill McQuay, Bert Tonsi, Don Gauf, Joe Hanley, Bill Dawe, Lee Dawe, Jack Davies, Pete Wright, Jim Christiansen, Bob David, Jim Graham, Harry Allen, Don Stanley; one of the men is wearing a feathered h

Officers of the 66th Overseas Battalion, C.E.F.

Back row, (l to r): R.S.M. Bothwell, Lieut. Hughes, Lieut. Toole, Lieut. Dodsworth, Lieut. Douglas, Lieut. Jolly, Lieut. Cope, Lieut. Luts, Lieut. Treble, Lieut. Lynn, Lieut. Clark, Lieut. Crumb, Lieut. Jellatt, Lieut. Ashbury, Lieut. Glascock, Lieut. McCullough, Lieut. Raynor, Lieut. Scott, Lieut. Emsley.; Front row (l to r): 'The Old Goat", Capt. Dickie, Capt. Heeney, Capt. Ferris, M.O., Capt Ferris, Capt. Sievwright, Capt. Grainger, Capt. Stevens (Adjt.), Major Hopkins, Lieut. Col. McKinery (Commanding), Major Durrant, Capt. Hatton, Capt. Dawson, Lieut. Williamson-Taylor, Capt. Calderon, "The Bear", Capt. Lucas. Photo taken at the Edmonton Exhibition grounds with the camera facing east. Train in the background was probably being loaded with supplies, weapons and officers' kit prior to leaving Edmonton. Note the railway passenger car at right: this is probably a private car belonging to the performers at the fair.

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