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Congo Field Conference.
CA EDM MS-59-2-EA-160-2605 · Unidad documental simple · 1928
Parte de Hubert A. Hollingworth fonds

These glass negatives were taken from a glass slide collection entitled: Missionary Slides - Africa Religion. Miss Cork.

Communications and Operations
CA EDM MS-323-1 · Serie · 1929-1984
Parte de Edmonton Social Planning Council fonds

The series consists of records related to the operational functions of the Edmonton Social Planning Council (E.S.P.C.) and its communications and interactions with external organizations. During the E.S.P.C.'s early years, it acted as a coordinating body for other social agencies, therefore the series includes records pertaining to the council's interactions with a wide variety of organizations, government offices and persons. These include the Canadian Welfare Council, Youth Services, The John Howard Society, University of Alberta, Canadian Mental Health Association in Alberta and the Edmonton School Board, along with many others. Records include correspondence, reports, minutes, news clippings, and reference documentation. Minutes include those from related organizations and councils that the E.S.P.C. worked with, as well as the various committees within the council. Some of the records including, newsletters, programs and bulletins, relate to external organizations, at local, provincial, national and international levels. These records provide context for the E.P.S.C's work and interactions with these external organizations.

The series also includes records pertaining to the United Community Fund of Greater Edmonton (formerly Community Chest) which merged with the E.P.S.C. in 1953 and early correspondence with Charlotte Whitton, who founded the Canadian Council on Child Welfare in 1920.

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CA EDM MS-323-2 · Serie · 1940-1983
Parte de Edmonton Social Planning Council fonds

The series consists of financial records from the Edmonton Social Planning Council from 1940 to the early 1980s. Records include financial statements, budgets, correspondence, reports, minutes, forms and applications. Files are listed according to the Council's name at the time records were created.

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Edmonton Art Gallery fonds
CA EDM MS-1220 · Fondo · 1892-2003

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the operations of the Edmonton Art Gallery. The fonds includes correspondence, minutes, invitations, scrapbooks, clippings, finances, guest books, reports, photographs, and issues of the Gallery's publications. The fonds also consists of records from the Blow Condell family who donated money to build the Edmonton Art Gallery in 1962.

The fonds is arranged into 7 series:

  1. Administration
  2. Scrapbooks and Invitations
  3. Guest Books
  4. Publications
  5. Minutes
  6. Women's Society of the Edmonton Art Gallery
  7. Photographs
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CA EDM MS-1222 · Fondo · 1987 - 2014

This fonds includes financial statements, bylaws, meeting minutes, swim meet information, newsletters, photographs, and team clothing of the Edmonton Humahumanukanukaapua'a Swim Club. The photographs include images taken during swim meets and Club gatherings.

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CA EDM MS-1226 · Fondo · 1981 - 2018

This fonds consists of the records of the Northern Alberta Wood Carvers Association. The records consist of the Association's History Record Book scrapbook, newsletters, carving guides, administration documents, meeting minutes, photographs of carving show entries, and cartoons designed for the Association's newsletter. The electronic records have been transferred from their original carriers. For access, please consult the Reference Archivist.

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CA EDM MS-1229 · Fondo · 1960 - 2022

This fonds consists of the administrative and operational records of the Northwest Voyageurs Canoe and Kayak Club. The records include incorporation documents, minutes of the executive committee, newsletters, river flow data, research materials, trip schedules and reports, maps, as well as photographs captured during Club excursions.

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Edmonton Ski Club fonds
CA EDM MS-1233 · Fondo · 1911-1988

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the Edmonton Ski Club.

File list:
File 1: Minute Book - some written in Norwegian, includes English translation. Includes financials, 1911-1921
File 2: Operational records - includes envelope, 1963-1964 season membership booklet, "Memories from the Early '30's" by Ellen B. (Nell) Goodwin, copy of 1987 lease between Edmonton Ski Club and the City of Edmonton
File 3: Ecosign- Mount Recreation Planners Ltd. - includes correspondence, 1986
File 4: Certificate of Thanks - Zigurds T. Skribis, former President of the Edmonton Ski Club, 1987 July 22
File 5: Historical Resources Designation Programme - correspondence, application, 1988
File 6: Clippings, 1987-1988

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CA EDM MS-364 · Fondo · 1927-1974

The fonds consists of records from the Edmonton Branch of the Dickens Fellowship from 1927 to 1974. Materials include correspondence, minutes, ledgers, invoices, receipts, and clippings. The fonds also includes the Edmonton Branch membership rolls and membership certificates, along with minutes from a 1973 meeting of the Council of the Dickens Fellowship.

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Edmonton Rugby Union Minutes
CA EDM MS-672-3 · Serie · 1961-1984
Parte de Edmonton Rugby Union fonds

The series consists of minutes from the Edmonton Rugby Union Board of Directors meetings, joint meetings with the Alberta Rugby Union and various committees. The series also consists of agendas, correspondence, financial records, bulletins, reports, and a lease agreement with the Percy Page Centre.

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