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Womonspace collection

  • CA EDM MS-1214
  • Colección
  • 1982 - 2011

This collection consists of the records of Womonspace from their formal incorporation in 1982 until the last newsletter was published in 2011. The records include meeting minutes, monthly newsletters, event planning, and financial reports. Additionally, numerous records relating to the local and national LGBTQ+ communities are included, such as the GALA Human Rights Committee and GALA Week, as well as LGBTQ+ business guides. Also included are numerous newspaper clippings related to Womonspace and the LGBTQ+ community.

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Our Voice

This series consists of issues of the Spare Change and Our Voice Newspapers. The first mention of Edmonton's Spare Change was in the March 1994 edition of Vancouver's Spare Change Newspaper, and the first issue of the Edmonton Newspaper being released in April 1994. The final issue was released in May 2005. Early editions were published by Martin Garber-Conrad, before becoming a co-production of the Bissell Centre, the Calgary Urban Project Society, and the Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation (E4C). The partnership lasted until 1997, at which point the papers were published by the Bissell Centre and E4C. By 1999 the sole published listed was the Bissell Centre.

The newspapers were envisioned as a way to provide an income to economically marginalized people while communicating their issues to the public. The publication provided a venue for stories relating to poverty and homelessness in Edmonton and to provide a voice for those who were largely ignored by the mainstream media. Other topics included topical news stories, and articles on prostitution, drug addiction, as well as profiles of members of the community. Licensed vendors would pay a small amount to cover the cost of publication and then sell the papers on the street for a donation.

Many people associated with the paper would play other important rolls in other areas of Edmonton ; editor Michael Walters became a City Councilor, writer Marjorie Bencz became Executive Director of the Edmonton Food Bank. Writer Jim Gurnett became Executive Director of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, writer Linda Numont went on to publish Edmonton Street News and Alberta Street News as well as being a lifetime housing advocate with the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness.


This series consists of periodicals in the City of Edmonton Archives' collection. The material comes from a variety of sources and is arranged alphabetically by title.

Civic Elections and Census Enumeration (1875-1977)

This series consists of the records created by the Office of the City Clerk relating to local elections. The material contains voters' lists, burgesses' lists, lists of electors, and census enumeration records. Two subseries have been created to house the published, access copies and the original ledgers carried by City staff when the information was collected.

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Registers of Chinese Immigration and Travel

Series consists of copies of registers made by Dr. Evans. Records include General Registers of Chinese Immigration, travel applications submitted by Chinese residents in Alberta, and Registers of C.I. 28 certificates and C.I. 36 certificates documenting arrival of Chinese individuals to Canada. The originals of these records can be found in Library and Archives Canada, but were copied by Dr. Evans for his own research and as a way to facilitate access for the Chinese Community in Western Canada conducting research into their genealogy.

Dr. Brian Llewellyn Evans collection

  • CA EDM MS-1213
  • Colección
  • [ca. 201-?]

This collection consists of records created and collected by Dr. Evans in his work regarding Chinese immigration and settlement in Western Canada. The records consist of original research materials written by Dr. Evans, copies of newspaper clippings of events featuring members of the Chinese community, and copies of documents originally found in Library and Archives Canada regarding Chinese immigration and movement.

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