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Reginald Turner fonds
CA EDM MS-152 · Fondo · 2003 - 2011

The fonds consists of hand painted cards with street scenes of Edmonton painted by Reg and sent to friends and family at Christmas. It also includes the notes sent with the card outlining details of the scenes and Reg’s memories of Edmonton.
Cards and accompanying notes include:

  • 98 St. Looking East Down Jasper Avenue (EAA-25-1),
  • Jasper Avenue Looking North and East, including Brighton Block, Kenmo Lodge, The Hub Hotel, Gem and Georgia Baths (EAA-25-2),
  • Jasper Avenue with the Hub Hotel and Georgia Baths (EA-25-3),
  • 97th Street and Jasper Avenue, including Dreamland Theatre and Mite Block (EAA-25-4),
  • Edmonton’s 5 Way Intersection, including Alex Taylor school and the Checker Lunch (EAA-25-5),
  • Winter Snowfall 1942 (EAA-25-6),
  • C. Woodward Ltd. Building (EAA-25-7),
  • The Tegler Building (EAA-25-8),
  • The Gibson Block (EAA-25-9),
  • Metropolitan Stores (EAA-25-10)
    The accompanying notes are in MS-152, f. 1.
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The Edmonton Women's Film Society fonds
CA EDM MS-1209 · Fondo · 2003 - 2010

The fonds consists of the records of The Edmonton Women’s Film Society from prior to its formal incorporation in 2004 until shortly after the Reel Femme ‘10 festival in 2010, after which the society dissolved. The records include administration records from the society’s operations, such as grant applications, meeting minutes, society bylaws, and correspondence. Additionally, many records relate to the Reel Femme film festivals including flyers, programs, news clippings and publicity, film adjudication notes, and film classification exemption records. Also included are large posters advertising the Reel Femme film festivals.

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CA EDM MS-1242 · Fondo · 2001 - 2023

This fonds consists of records published by the Edmonton Chinese Philharmonica Association to promote their performances. The records include programs, posters, and video recordings of various performances.

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Knox Evangelical Church
CA EDM RG-200-12-37 · Unidad documental simple · 1989
Parte de City of Edmonton Archives Collection

Loren Chabot (1954-2010) was a well-known artist in Edmonton. He studied painting from a young age at Shepy School of Art, and later at Sheridan College in Ontario. Upon returning to Edmonton he sold paintings at the Strathcona Farmers Market, and his works are seen throughout Edmonton in private and public collections.

Cariwest Festival fonds
CA EDM MS-728 · Fondo · 1985 - 2007

This fonds consists of the administrative records of the Western Carnival Development Association, including annual reports, invoices, board meeting minutes, grant applications and strategic planning. Additionally, this fonds contains promotional material, cultural information, photographs, and press clippings from the Cariwest festival.

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CA EDM MS-1227-6 · Serie · 1985-1998
Parte de Society of Western Canadian Artists fonds

The series consists of photographs of various events and activities of the Society of Western Canadian Artists and its members. Majority of the photographs are portraits used for composites of the members. Also included in the series are collages used during shows and exhibitions with photographs and prices of art pieces.

CA EDM MS-1227-5 · Serie · 1982-2008
Parte de Society of Western Canadian Artists fonds

The series consists of newsletters produced by the Society of Western Canadian Artists (formerly the Federation of Canadian Artists, Alberta Region, Edmonton Branch) and the Federation of Canadian Artists. The series also consists of newsletters from the Calgary Branch of the Federation of Canadian Artists, these represent the activities and the collaborations that took place as members of the Alberta Region of the federation. Also included in the series are materials pertaining to the writing and printing of the newsletters including drafts and mock ups.

CA EDM MS-1227-1 · Serie · 1982-2002
Parte de Society of Western Canadian Artists fonds

The series consists of minutes from the monthly, executive, and general meetings of the Society of Western Canadian Artists/Federation of Canadian Artists, Alberta Region, Edmonton Branch. The series also includes agendas and supporting documentation.