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Bylaw 16521 - City of Edmonton Capital City Downtown Community Revitalization Levy Bylaw

Bylaw to impose a levy in respect of the incremental assessed value of property in a community revitalization area to raise revenue to be used toward the payment of infrastructure and other costs associated with the redevelopment of property in the community revitalization levy area.

Bylaw 17535 - 2016 Capital City Downtown Community Revitalization Levy Rate and Supplementary Levy Rate Bylaw

Bylaw to authorize the levying of a community revitalization levy rate upon all taxable property within the boundaries of the Capital City Downtown Community Revitalization Levy Area shown on the assessment and tax roll and supplementary community revitalization levy rate in respect for which supplementary assessments have been made.

Bylaw 17820 - 2017 Business Improvement Area ("BIA") Assessment, Supplementary BIA Assessment, BIA Tax, Supplementary BIA Tax and BIA Tax Rate Bylaw

Bylaw to provide for the annual and supplementary assessment and taxation of businesses operating within business improvement areas and to set the business improvement area tax rates in the City of Edmonton for the 2017 taxation year. In the past this bylaw referred to business revitalization zones.

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