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A.G.T. Ladies Basketball Team

Likely Gertrude (Doughty) Lake and/or her sister Bessie Doughty are in the photo. Gertrude and Bessie were both telephone operators for Alberta Government Telephones (A.G.T.) beginning in the early 1920's.

First Edmonton Grads Team

First Graduate team formed at McDougall Commercial High School by Mr. J.P. Page in 1915.

Back row (l to r): Ethel Anderson, Gerry Reid, Ella Osbourne, Winnie Martin.
Middle row (l to r): Mr. Carpenter (Supt. of Schools), Nellie Batson, Jr. J.P. Page.
Front rown (l to r): Iola Mitchell, Mary Bremner.

This is the school team. Winnie Martin is the only member to continue playing and join other graduates to officially become Edmonton Grads.

Edmonton 'Grads' - 1923 World's Basketball Champions

Back row (l to r): Dorothy Johnson, Connie Smith, Daisy Johnson, Winnie Martin, Abbie Scott.
Front row (l to r): Elizabeth Elrick, Eleanor Mountifield (Captain), Nellie Perry, Mary Dunn.

Same image as EB-27-46 (used in a Christmas card sent from the Grads).

Note: some of the versions have the titled lettered on the photo; one of the versions is titled as 1925.

Edmonton Grads - 1936 Olympic Team

Edmonton Grads in Olympic court uniforms.
L to R: Noel MacDonald, Gladys Fry, Mabel Munton, Etta Dann, Sophie Brown, Margaret MacBurney, Doris Neale, Babe Belanger, Helen Northup.

Edmonton Grads 1937 Team

Back row (l to r): Mabel Munton, Noel MacDonald, J.P. Page, Winnie Gallen, Betty Ross.
Front row (l to r): Etta Dann, Helen Northup, Babe Belanger, Sophie Brown.

Edmonton Grads 1939-40

Back row (l to r): Mabel Munton, Jean Williamson, J.P. Page, Winnie Gallen, Kay MacRitchie.
Front row (l to r): Betty Bawden, Helen Northup, Etta Dann, Sophie Brown.

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