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Council of Canadians of African and Caribbean Heritage fonds

  • CA EDM MS-1211
  • Arquivo
  • 1985 - 1995

The fonds consists of administrative and operational records of The Council of Canadians of African and Caribbean Heritage. Such records include minutes, agendas, correspondence, project files, reports, and the first four editions of the Council’s newsletter, Black Voices.

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Interim Development Appeal Board

The Interim Development Bylaw (Bylaw 1339) was passed in 1950. It was created to guide and regulate development in Edmonton until a General Plan and new zoning bylaw could be adopted. The bylaw created the Interim Development Appeal Board, which took appeals from any decision made by the Interim Development Officer, including related to zoning. The Board had seven members appointed by Council, and included a City Alderman, a member of the Alberta Association of Architects, a member of the Alberta Land Surveyors Association, a member of the Edmonton Real Estate Association, a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta, a member of the Law Society of Alberta, and a member at large. The Board endeavored to make decisions to best promote orderly, economical, and convenient development in conformity with the basic principles of the evolving General Plan. The Appeal Board could refer cases to the Architectural Panel or Technical Planning Board when more information was required, and decisions of the Board could be appealed further to the Provincial Planning Advisory Board.

City of Edmonton. Planning Department fonds

  • CA EDM RG-17
  • Arquivo
  • 1902 - 2017

This fonds contains the records of the Planning Department and its predecessors. An arrangement has been placed on the records. They have been placed into the following series:

  • Series 17.0: Planchecker's Files
  • Series 1: Planning Department Records 1970-1982
  • Series 2: Municipal Planning Commission
  • Series 3: Names Advisory Committee
  • Series 4: Address Coordination Committee
  • Series 5: Permits
  • Series 6: Photographs
  • Series 7: Scrapbooks
  • Series 8: Development Appeal Board
  • Series 9: Heritage Planning
  • Series 10: Town Planning Commission
  • Series 11: Condominium Subdivision Files
  • Series 12: Subdivision Files
  • Series 13: Land Use Bylaw Files
  • Series 14: Zoning Appeal Board
  • Series 15: Interim Development Appeal Board

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Office of the City Clerk Current Bylaws

  • CA OCC OCC-1
  • Coleção
  • 1900 - 2022

This collection consists of current Bylaws scanned by the Office of the City Clerk.

Note: this does not represent all the current Bylaws at the City of Edmonton as only a selection of Bylaws has been scanned.

Ross Brothers Hardware & Plumbing fonds

  • CA EDM MS-503
  • Arquivo
  • 1919 - 1968

The fonds consists of memorabilia of the Ross family, including a marriage announcement, certificates, a button, and newspaper clippings. Also included are the records of the Ross Brothers store, which consist of account and receipts books.

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Edmonton Club fonds

  • CA EDM MS-628
  • Arquivo
  • 1899 - 1994

The fonds consists of the records of the Edmonton Club and includes minutes, correspondence, membership registers, maps, building plans, constitutions, rule books, reports, menus, acts of incorporation, and financial statements. The photographs consist of headshots of the Presidents of the Edmonton Club, as well as a few images of the Club’s annual general meetings and of the Imperial Bank of Canada both as it was being built and when it was completed in 1907. Large membership registers and bound guest books are also included.

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Edmonton Club Member Booklet

This Edmonton Club member booklet contained the act of incorporation, rules, and membership list of the Club in 1913. A booklet was given to each member when they joined the Edmonton Club.

Pollard Family fonds

  • CA EDM MS-42
  • Arquivo
  • 1968 - 1969

The fonds consists of documents relating to the history of the Pollard Brickyard and John Walter logging operation in Walterdale. Also included is a photocopy of a notebook with a handwritten account of the history of the Bedard family and recipes compiled by Firmin Bedard. The photographs are of the Pollard brickyard and a family group photograph of the Pollards and Bedards.

File List:
File 1. Documents - Pollard Bros. brick plant and Walterdale area, Edmonton, includes:

  • drawing – Layout of Pollard Bros. Brick Plant, Walters Flats, Edmonton, 1914 (2 pages);
  • photograph of Pollard Bros. brick plant, pre-1914, with explanatory text (in folio) (EA-113-2);
  • summary of Pollard Bros. brick plant and John Walter logging operation, illustrated with small;
  • notes re: homes of Muchias (Matthias Collins) and John Walter, Pollard brick yard and original St. Anthony church;
  • announcement, programme and poem re: the Walterdale Bunch reunion, July 27, 1968, organized and written by Rosa Pollard;
  • letter, from Charles. W. Pollard to Names Advisory Committee, City of Edmonton, recommending use of Pollard name in street and district naming.

File 2. Notebook: Grandfather Firmin Bedard’s family history record. Includes genealogical information of Bedard family (1807-1927), recipes, other notes; in French and English (photocopy).

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