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102 Avenue and 104 Street

Taken from 104 Street looking east along 102 Avenue (previously known as Athabasca Avenue).
Revillon Brothers building is on the left, Scott Fruit on the right.
The Tegler Building is centre in the background. The Moser & Ryder building, to the right of the Tegler Building, is under construction.
Byron-May Co. 65539

Jasper Avenue

Looking east from 101 Street.
Merchant's Bank of Canada at left and Royal North-West Mounted Police parading.
Byron-May Co. 60015

Stony Plain, Alta.

The main street, includes the Bismark Hotel, Royal Hotel, and advertising for the Hembling Bros. Red Livery.
Byron-May Co. 61812

Prince of Wales Armouries

On the east side of 104 Street, looking west. Likely taken from the second floor or roof of Victoria School. McDougall School in the background.
On verso: Note the snow (on the ground) which is two days old.

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