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Clive Picnic

Hannah Magee far left.
Likely some students from the Clive school.

Highlands Public School

117 Avenue and 63 Street.
Mr. Kelly, Principal, standing far right.
Hannah (Hazel) Magee, Teacher, standing third from right.

Miss H. Magee

Hannah (Hazel) Magee is far right.
Likely members of the Magee family.

Hannah Magee & Mary Black

Sisters Hannah Magee and Mary Magee Black, by Magee home at 6422 - 106 Street (see EA-10-1561).

6422 - 106 Street

Hannah (Hazel) Magee lived here and taught at Highlands School, Oliver School and Queen Alex School.

Sandy Lake School

Hannah Magee, far left, was the first teacher at the school. She taught there from 1906 to 1909.

Mary Black

The woman second from right (marked with an X) is Mary Magee Black.
The other women are likely members of the Magee family.

Jenny Magee

Members of the Magee family.
The woman third from the left is identified on the back of the photo as Jenny Magee. This is likely misidentified, more likely Mary Black.

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