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CA EDM RG-2-1 · Série · 1926 - 1974, predominant 1955 - 1963
Fait partie de City of Edmonton. Municipal Airport fonds

The series consists of meeting minutes, agreements, financial records, personnel records, correspondence, and other material generated through the business conducted at the Municipal Airport.
An order has been imposed on the material. The arrangement includes four sub-series, which are as follows:

  • Sub-series 1.1 – Reports, minutes, general orders and record keeping
  • Sub-series 1.2 – Finance
  • Sub-series 1.3 – Buildings
  • Sub-series 1.4 – Human Resources (Restricted)
Home and Commercial Designers
CA EDM MS-794-1 · Série · 1948 - 1953
Fait partie de James N. Stephens fonds

The bulk of this series consists of oversize residential and commercial plans. To impose order, the residential plans were separated according to those with a client name attached (and location if both are present); those with a location only attached, and general plans without identifying details. Within these categories, the plans were further organized chronologically. The same process was used for organizing the proposed commercial plans, although chronology was not as easy to establish. There is one file of advertising material.

Communications and Operations
CA EDM MS-323-1 · Série · 1929-1984
Fait partie de Edmonton Social Planning Council fonds

The series consists of records related to the operational functions of the Edmonton Social Planning Council (E.S.P.C.) and its communications and interactions with external organizations. During the E.S.P.C.'s early years, it acted as a coordinating body for other social agencies, therefore the series includes records pertaining to the council's interactions with a wide variety of organizations, government offices and persons. These include the Canadian Welfare Council, Youth Services, The John Howard Society, University of Alberta, Canadian Mental Health Association in Alberta and the Edmonton School Board, along with many others. Records include correspondence, reports, minutes, news clippings, and reference documentation. Minutes include those from related organizations and councils that the E.S.P.C. worked with, as well as the various committees within the council. Some of the records including, newsletters, programs and bulletins, relate to external organizations, at local, provincial, national and international levels. These records provide context for the E.P.S.C's work and interactions with these external organizations.

The series also includes records pertaining to the United Community Fund of Greater Edmonton (formerly Community Chest) which merged with the E.P.S.C. in 1953 and early correspondence with Charlotte Whitton, who founded the Canadian Council on Child Welfare in 1920.

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Edmonton Pride Parade
CA EDM MS-1231-57-1 · Pièce · 2001
Fait partie de Orlando Books fonds

This photograph depicts members of the Orlando Books team marching in the Edmonton Pride Parade, carrying a large banner that reads "Orlando Books". Other parade participants and banners are visible in the background. Jacqueline Dumas is one of the individuals holding the Orlando Books banner, second from the left. Writing on the back of the photograph reads "Edmonton Pride Parade, June 2001. Photograph by Lindy Pitach."

Joseph & Alice Webb
CA EDM MS-49-1 · Série · [ca. 1900] - 1940
Fait partie de Webb Family fonds

The series consists of textual records and photographs of Joseph and Alice Webb. The photographs predominantly reflect Joseph's military career.
File 1:
~ Reserve Certificate, Joseph Webb, indicating transfer from Army Service Corps to Reserve Service, London, 1906,
~ marriage certificate for Joseph Webb and Alice Beatrice Millis, 27 Sep 1910,
~ four embroidered postcards (2 ‘Forget Me Not’, ‘Greetings from the Trenches’, ‘An Happy Christmas’) 1916.

File 2:
~ two National Ration books, Alice Webb, Ellen Webb, 25 Oct 1918,
~ Leave or Duty Ration Book Soldier or Sailor, J. Webb, 1919,
~ two Canadian Pay Book for Use on Active Service, J. Webb, 1919,
~ Canadian Expeditionary Force Discharge Certificate, 1919,
~ two notes re issue of service medals, 1930
~ National Registration Certificate, Joseph Webb, 1940.

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Historical Map of Edmonton
CA EDM MS-583-1 · Pièce · 1947
Fait partie de Lorna Garrett collection

This map was created by The City of Edmonton Archives and Landmarks Committee for the purposes of public education as well as to solicit donations of records to begin building the City's heritage collection.

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Engineering Department
CA EDM RG-101-1 · Série · 1906 - 1972; predominant 1952 - 1964
Fait partie de Town of Jasper Place fonds

The Engineering Department was established in 1958 when the Department of Public Works and the Department of Public Utilities were amalgamated. The department was responsible for the construction and maintenance of Town infrastructure, such as streets, parks, and water and sewer lines, as well as for providing garbage collection and metre reading services. The Department was also tasked with building the Jasper Place Sports Centre. When the Town of Jasper Place amalgamated with the City of Edmonton, the Engineering Department was subsumed into the larger City Engineer's Department.

This series consists of records created and collected by the Jasper Place Engineering Department. It includes project reports, updates, finances, correspondence, police reports on damage to infrastructure, personnel, and blueprints. This series also includes a plaque for the First Street Paving Program.

1911 Edmonton Bulletin Special Edition
CA EDM MS-1071-1 · Dossier · 1911
Fait partie de Edmonton Bulletin fonds

The Edmonton Bulletin hired advertising specialist C.A. Violette of San Francisco to conduct an advertising campaign to create this Special Edition which was used to promote Edmonton as an up-and-coming city, and includes descriptions of businesses, businessmen, and industries, as well as descriptions of the social, economic, military and artistic scenes in Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area.

All of the photographs used in the publication were created by the Byron-May Company (EB-26).

Administrative Records
CA EDM RG-70-1 · Série · 1892 - 1993, predominant 1941 - 1993
Fait partie de City of Edmonton. Edmonton Fire Department fonds

This series contains records created through the administration of the Fire Department. The series has been divided into the following six subseries:

  • Subseries 1: Reports, minutes, general orders and record keeping
  • Subseries 2: Finance
  • Subseries 3: Agreements
  • Subseries 4: Buildings
  • Subseries 5: Human Resources
  • Subseries 6: Ephemera