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City of Edmonton. Office of the City Clerk fonds

  • CA EDM RG-8
  • Fondo
  • 1875 - 2016

Fonds consists of minutes, reports, correspondence, invoices, clippings, scrapbooks, bylaws, contracts, minutes, and records relating to voter and census enumeration.

An order has been imposed on the material. The arrangement includes multiple series. The first 10 (RG-8.0 - RG-8.9) were processed in the 1970s and 1980s. Due to the size of the collection, the processing archivist decided to create a new division for each accession. From the 1990s the records were processed and arranged based on function, as reflected from RG-8.10 onwards.

  • RG-8.0: The Papers of the Edmonton Town/City Secretary (1892-1912)
  • RG-8.1: Edmonton Financial Accounts (1892-1915)
  • RG-8.2: Debenture (1897)
  • RG-8.3: Office of the City Clerk (1891-1913)
  • RG-8.4: Election Scrapbooks (1918-1963)
  • RG-8.5: Bylaws regarding Royal Visits (1939-1951)
  • RG-8.6: Office of the City Clerk (1935-1972)
  • RG-8.7: Public Affairs Committee (1968-1973)
  • RG-8.8: Office of the City Clerk (1969-1974)
  • RG-8.9: Office of the City Clerk (1965-1973)
  • RG-8.10: Special Committee Reports of the City Clerk (1907-1966)
  • RG-8.11: Civic Elections and Census Enumeration (1895-1974)
  • RG-8.12: Bylaws (1892-2014)
  • RG-8.13: Contracts (1893-1989)
  • RG-8.14: Minutes (1892-1991)
  • RG-8.15: Committee Minutes
  • RG-8.16: Bylaw Committee Reports
  • RG-8.17: Finance Committee Reports
  • RG-8.18: Reports and Publications
  • RG-8.19: Petitions
  • RG-8.20: Executive Committee
  • RG-8.21: Rules and Procedures Committee
  • RG-8.22: Procedures Review Committee
  • RG-8.23: Airport Study Committee
  • RG-8.24: Audit Committee
  • RG-8.25: Land Sales Committee
  • RG-8.26: Legislative Committee
  • RG-8.27: Utilities and Engineering Committee

Office of the City Clerk

Dylan Thomas Society fonds

  • CA EDM MS-739
  • Fondo
  • 1977-1980

The fonds consists of documents relating to the Dylan Thomas Society's incorporation, its membership, its meeting minutes, and its events and publicity.

Dylan Thomas Society

St. David's Welsh Society of Edmonton fonds

  • CA EDM MS-738
  • Fondo
  • 1965-2007

This fonds consists of the following series: Governance, Publications, Events, Administrative, Ladies Auxiliary, and Financial. The Governance series is comprised of records relating to minutes and membership; the Publication series is comprised of records relating to the St. David's Welsh Society's Y Negesydd Newsletters and other publications such as postcards; the Events series is comprised of records relating to the publicity, planning and hosting of Society events; the Administrative series is comprised of records relating to general and event specific correspondence; the Ladies Auxiliary is comprised of records relating to the minutes and correspondence of the Ladies Auxiliary; and the Financial series is comprised of records relating to the finances of the Society including treasurer reports, receipts, account books, fundraising, and grant applications.

St. David’s Welsh Society of Edmonton

Mattie (Scaler) MacPhee fonds

  • CA EDM MS-732
  • Fondo
  • [191-?]-[196-?]

This fonds consists of the personal and family papers and photographs of Mattie (Scaler) MacPhee. The photographic records are separated into 8 albums. These albums are not necessarily divided chronologically, nor are they separated geographically. There are many instances where duplicate images are found in multiple albums. The dates of the images range from the mid 1910s to the mid 1960s. Locations of the photographs are divided between Massachusetts, Alberta, and British Columbia. There are also many photographs from various trips into the United States. The textual records with this fonds consists of letters, cards and condolences regarding Mattie MacPhee's death, newspaper clipping on Louis Scaler and Mattie Scaler's business and careers, Mattie MacPhee's short stories and other writings, material on Lauchie MacPhee, music, and miscellaneous material.

MacPhee, Mattie (Scaler)

Elly De Jongh fonds

  • CA EDM MS-731
  • Fondo
  • 1977 - 1999

The fonds consists of records relating to the Urban Reform Group of Edmonton (URGE), including production of a 1978 historical calendar, Board minutes, reports and correspondence. It also contains records relating to the Society for the Protection of Architectural Resources in Edmonton (SPARE) and personal correspondence.
The photographs consist mostly of buildings and street scenes in Edmonton and Toronto, ca. 1980, taken as part of research into heritage buildings for SPARE. They include the Ross Brothers and Brighton Block in Edmonton, and the St. Lawrence Market and Gooderham Building (flatiron) in Toronto (EA-560). One photograph is a portrait of Elly De Jongh used for an Edmonton Historical Board award in 1984.
The artwork consists of an ink drawing of Primrose House, 1979, as part of research on heritage buildings for SPARE (EAA-113).

De Jongh, Elly

Don Whidden fonds

  • CA EDM MS-730
  • Fondo
  • [198-]-[199-?]

This fonds consists of material gathered by Don Whidden during his involvement with local and national rugby organisations, including coaching material, newsletters, Edmonton, Alberta, and Canadian Rugby Union records, and correspondence.

Whidden, Don

Canadian National Recreation Association (Edmonton) fonds

  • CA EDM MS-729
  • Fondo
  • 1928-1985

This fonds consists of the administrative records of the CNRA, including financial records, correspondence, meeting minutes and related records.

Canadian National Recreation Association (Edmonton)

Prince of Wales Armoury Foundation fonds

  • CA EDM MS-725
  • Fondo
  • 1984-1986

This fonds consists of the administrative records of the Prince of Wales Armoury Foundation, including a Proposal for the Prince of Wales Armoury and site, Minutes, Correspondence, Newsletters, and Memberships, Fund Raising, Accounting Records

Prince of Wales Armoury Foundation

Brian Mason fonds

  • CA EDM MS-722
  • Fondo
  • n.d.

This fonds consists of resource material gathered during Brian Mason's career as an alderman for the City of Edmonton, including records on Unions, Epcor, Ed Tel, Taxi commission Highlands sewer, waste management, community business associations, as well as a number of other political issues faced by the city while he was on council.

Mason, Brian

Thomas Bryan Campbell-Hope fonds

  • CA EDM MS-715
  • Fondo
  • 1944-1999
  • This fonds consists of material from Thomas Bryan Campbell-Hope's career as a architect, including architectural drawings and plans. Also contained in this fonds is some of his artwork (watercolours and sketches). This fonds includes: an ink drawing of the Queen's Hotel; material on various buildings and building projects (Riverview United Church, U of A E. Duncan Centre, a proposed Government Centre, U of A Household Economics, SAIT Tower Complex, Canmore ALCB, Keyano College, Fairfiew Regional College Student Residence, Alberta Research Council Clover Bar site, NAIT Central Services Building, SAIT Campus Centre, and the Society for the Retired and Semi-Retired, SAIT's construction programme). Artwork includes works on Emily Murphy Park Whitemud Creek, the Downtown HBC building, Woodwards Edmonton, Grand Prairie, Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. Also included is a excerpt from A School of Seamen, A Pride of Ships: A Brief Illustrated History Before During and After St. Margaret's Sea Trainning School, 1942-1946.
  • MS 715.1: This fonds consists of records on Patrick Campbell-Hope and Thomas Bryan Campbell-Hope. The records regarding Patrick Campbell-Hope consists of material on his life and his work. These records are primarily copies, and they include his birth certificate, his Alberta Grade 13 diploma, a 1931 Christmas Card from the Campbell-Hope family, pages from Eldorado Magazine, a statement of his service in the Canadian Armed Forces, his application for the Architectural Institute for British Columbia, Canadian Architect (1956), office stationary, a organisational Chart for MacDonald and Magoon Architects from the 1930s,architectural plans for a school building Bezanson (1956) and the Rosaling Public School sewage system (1954) and newspaper clippings on the CFRN cabin, New Salvation Army Citadel, Bawlf Community School, and the car accident that took his life. Also included with the Patrick Campbell-Hope records are framed sketches of a Streetscape and " An Elizabethan Banquet Hall." This fonds also consists of artwork by Thomas Bryan Campbell-Hope, including watercolours and pen and ink sketches. Bryan Campbell-Hope's artwork includes a sketch book of 50 watercolours of Edmonton and Alberta, 10 watercolours of Edmonton, 6 watercolours of Alberta, 1 watercolour of Lake Superior Ontario, and 2 pen and ink sketches. Four framed pieces include a colour painting of the Barron building in Calgary, a pen and ink sketch of the Society of the Retired and Semi Retired building in Edmonton, a pen and ink sketch titled "Beached," and a pen and ink sketch called "Homestead." Other material from Bryan Campbell-Hope includes two awards from the Province of Alberta, a commemorative plaque from the Keyano College Campus and Theatre Complex ground breaking, a picture of the SS Elgin Park, drafting instruments, material from his education as an architect and as an artist, Alberta Association of Architects diploma, and a Royal Architectural Institute of Canada certificate.

Campbell-Hope, Thomas Bryan

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