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Indians Running a Boat Through the Rapids on the Second Portage, Slave River

A view of Indigenous men running a boat through rapids on the Slave River. An inscription on the front of the photograph further explains: "The boats are run in the channels of the river thereby avoiding the heavier swells in the main part of the river, which is a mile wide and almost impossible to run a boat through".

Indians Tracking the H.B. Co's Fur Boats up the Rapids on Athabasca River

A view of a group of Indigenous men trekking along the shore of the Athabasca River, tracking the progress of Hudson's Bay Company fur boats in the river. An inscription on the front of the photograph reads: "Indians tracking the H.B.Co's fur boats up the rapids on Athabasca River, from Fort McMurry [sic] to Grand Rapids, 87 miles is almost one continuous rapid".

Grand Rapids, Athabasca River

A group of Indigenous men and traders landing the Hudson's Bay Company fur boats at the foot of the rapid on the Athabasca River in preparation for portaging.