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Address Coordination Committee

The Address Coordination Committee was tasked with solving issues born from the City of Edmonton's growth. The Committee's responsibilities include assigning new street and avenue numbers as well as coordinating new addresses for housing developments.

This series consists of material related to numbering streets in the City of Edmonton. While most of the content is correspondence, some plans for implementation are included.


From the 1950s through to the 1970s it was not unusual for City departments to keep scrapbooks as a record of their activities. This series contains 34 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings relating to the business of the City of Edmonton, and specifically the Planning Department.

William H. Reed

One of the founders of Reed's Tea & Bazaar (1905), which eventually became Reed's China & Gift Shop (1927). The shop celebrated its 80th Anniversary in 1985 but was sold in 1990.

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