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James Finlay Falconer fonds

  • CA EDM MS-70
  • Fondo
  • 1911 - 1974

This fonds consists of correspondence, brochures and pamphlets relating to James Finlay Falconer’s civic activities and historic events in early Edmonton and Alberta.

Falconer, James Finlay

Engineer's Department Records, 1911-1968

This series consists of correspondence, contracts, financial records, production records, paving blueprints, and payroll ledgers, as well as photographs of construction projects undertaken by the Engineer's Department. The series includes the following classes:

Class 1: Financial Records, 1919-1942
This class consists of records listing financial debits and credits.

Class 2: Gravel Records, 1958-1961
This class consists of gravel supply contracts and ledgers illustrating the amount and types of gravel supplied from different pits.

Class 3: Miscellaneous Files, 1922-1963
This class consists of correspondence with the City of Edmonton Engineer's Department, records illustrating employee performance, and labour union contracts.

Class 4: Paving Blueprints, 1929-1967
This class consists primarily of blueprints showing the progressing of road pacing during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. The class also includes financial graphs and statistics in addition to correspondence. Files in this class corresponding to Edmonton addresses are organized alphabetically by name, by avenues (lowest to highest) and streets (lowest to highest).

Class 5: Traffic, 1965-1967
This class consists of correspondence with the Engineer's Department relating to concerns over traffic in the city.

Class 6: Winter Works, 1959-1968
The class contains correspondence and payroll statements listing labour costs for winter works projects. Payroll statements are listed by project and claim number rather than alphabetically or chronologically.

Access Copies

This subseries consists of published copies of voters' and burgesses' lists produced from the original ledgers used to gather the information from districts across the City of Edmonton. The published copies amalgamate multiple districts into fewer ledgers, usually three to five, depending on the year. The published copies also incorporate any revisions or edits that may have been made to the information drawn from the original ledgers and were used as reference copies.

Discrete Items

This series contains records that were transferred to the Archives from the Telephone Department either individually or in small groups. Because of their lack of context, they were described together as a collection of discrete items.

Administrative Records

This series consists of council and committee minutes, voters lists, cemetery records, and bylaws created by the Town of Beverly.

Financial Records

This series contains financial records created by the Town of Beverly, including assessment and tax rolls, debentures, auditor's reports, financial statements, various financial ledgers, and correspondence. It also includes the cash books for the Beverly School District and a financial ledger for the Beverly Cemetery.

Names Advisory Committee

This series consists of six subseries:

Subseries 1: Indexes
This sub-series consists of the indexes of meeting minutes of the Names Advisory Committee (NAC). Researchers can use this sub-series as a finding aid for material in subseries 2.

Subseries 2: Meetings
This subseries contains all minutes and agendas of the NAC.

Subseries 3: Correspondence
This subseries collects the NAC's letters to and from other committees as well as some letters regarding names research. Some neighbourhood structure plans were included as attachments.

Subseries 4: Names Reserve List
Names added to this list were researched and vetted before being recommended to City Council.

Subseries 5: Reference Material
This subseries consists of reference material the NAC gathered regarding potential names. Lists of named and unnamed lakes are also included in the subseries.

Subseries 6: Recommendations
This subseries includes the recommendations the NAC made to City Council.

Names Advisory Committee

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