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This series contains reports that were processed and described as part of the Government Reports library, and includes annual reports and other material created by the Edmonton Fire Department. It also contains numerous reports collected by the Fire Department in the course of their operations, which were subsequently transferred to the City of Edmonton Archives. Departments that are represented include the Bylaw Enforcement Department, the Computer Systems Development and Services Department, the Corporate Studies Office, the Edmonton Municipal Airport, Edmonton Power, the Edmonton Public Library, edmonton telephones, Edmonton Transit, the Engineering Department, the Finance Department, the Local Board of Health, the Management Services Department, the Office of the Auditor General, the Office of the City Clerk, the Office of the City Commissioners, the Parks and Recreation Department, the Personnel Department, the Planning Department, the Police Department, the Public Relations Department, the Public Works Department, the Real Estate and Housing Department, the Real Estate and Supply Services Department, the Safety Department, and the Water and Sanitation Department. There are also reports from outside organizations.

Historical Records

Prior to Edmonton Power becoming EPCOR there was an effort to transfer all records of historical value to the City of Edmonton Archives. This series was created to capture those records deemed to be of historical interest by Edmonton Power. The result is a varied collection of textual and graphic records documenting a wide span of the history of Edmonton Power and its predecessors. The material includes reports, photos, publications, and drawings relating to the generation and distribution of power to Edmontonians.

Financial Records

This series contains debenture certificates and tax collector's and assessment rolls from the Village of West Edmonton, as well as the assessment rolls for the West Edmonton School District No. 2320.

Financial Records

This series contains the tax collector's and assessment rolls from the Village of North Edmonton, as well as the assessment rolls for the North Edmonton School District No. 2305.


This series contains annual reports from the Power Plant Department, the Water Supply and Purification Plant, Edmonton Generation and Water Treatment, Edmonton Power, Water and Sanitation, and Environmental Services. It also contains power supply reports, statistical reports, feasibility studies, and reports about the Rossdale Power Plant. There are also a number of reports from the Edmonton Power Library which were created by other areas, including the Auditor General, Central Supply and Services, Corporate Policy Planning, edmonton telephones, Engineering, Finance, the Fiscal Policy Management Committee, the Office of the City Clerk, Planning, Real Estate and Supply Services, and Transportation.

Engineer's Department Records, 1911-1968

This series consists of correspondence, contracts, financial records, production records, paving blueprints, and payroll ledgers, as well as photographs of construction projects undertaken by the Engineer's Department. The series includes the following classes:

Class 1: Financial Records, 1919-1942
This class consists of records listing financial debits and credits.

Class 2: Gravel Records, 1958-1961
This class consists of gravel supply contracts and ledgers illustrating the amount and types of gravel supplied from different pits.

Class 3: Miscellaneous Files, 1922-1963
This class consists of correspondence with the City of Edmonton Engineer's Department, records illustrating employee performance, and labour union contracts.

Class 4: Paving Blueprints, 1929-1967
This class consists primarily of blueprints showing the progressing of road pacing during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. The class also includes financial graphs and statistics in addition to correspondence. Files in this class corresponding to Edmonton addresses are organized alphabetically by name, by avenues (lowest to highest) and streets (lowest to highest).

Class 5: Traffic, 1965-1967
This class consists of correspondence with the Engineer's Department relating to concerns over traffic in the city.

Class 6: Winter Works, 1959-1968
The class contains correspondence and payroll statements listing labour costs for winter works projects. Payroll statements are listed by project and claim number rather than alphabetically or chronologically.

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