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Peters Family fonds
CA EDM MS-1013 · Fondo · 1915

The fonds consists of photographs of Alberta College student groups.
Harry Peters is in the 1914-1915 Students’ Council of Alberta College photograph and both Mary Mulligan and Pearl Watt are in the photograph of an Alberta College Female Class 1914-1915.

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CA EDM MS-1013-EA-459-1 · Unidad documental simple · 1915
Parte de Peters Family fonds

Back row L to R: H. Peters (Sec. YMCA), E.L. Anderson (Sec. Literary Society), G.E. Graham (Pres. Literary Society), G.F. Hustler (Pres. Athletics), H.S. Bird (Pres. YMCA), E.R. Hoover (Sec. Athletics), .R. Geeson (Sec-Treas);
Front row L to R: W.Forshaw (Vice-President), J.H. Riddell (Hon-President), H. Bosomworth (President)

Smith's Ambulance Service fonds
CA EDM MS-103 · Fondo · 1976

The fonds consists of a history of Smith's Ambulance Service, a biography of the founder of Smith’s Ambulance Service, Sherman Maxwell Smith, and several photocopied newspaper clippings relating to the company. The photographs include images of ambulances from the 1930s to the 1970s and various staff.

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Edmonton Chamber of Commerce fonds
CA EDM MS-1037 · Fondo · 1905-1921

The fonds consists of photographs from the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce's in-house collection. Many of the photographs are by the Byron-May Company, who were commissioned by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce to create brochures promoting Edmonton as an up and coming city.

The photographs are of early Edmonton and include buildings, street scenes, city and farm scenes, animals, agriculture, people and events.

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CA EDM MS-1037-EA-500 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1906-1915
Parte de Edmonton Chamber of Commerce fonds

The file consists of one photo album (60 pages, 61 images) of photographs taken by Byron-May for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce to promote Edmonton in the early twentieth century as an up-and-coming city.
For descriptions of each photograph, see EA-500 photographs online.