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Correspondence, Office of the Secretary-Treasurer

The office of Secretary-Treasurer was first held by George F. Downes (1899-1906), then H. G. Clarke (1906-1909), and finally C. E. K. Cox (1910-1912).

This series includes correspondence from the office of the Secretary-Treasurer.

The series is divided into four subseries:

  • Subseries 5.1: Letterbook of Outgoing Correspondence (November 1, 1899 -October 6, 1906)
  • Subseries 5.2: Letterbook of Outgoing Correspondence (October 8, 1906 -July 17, 1907)
  • Subseries 5.3: Correspondence (May 1901 -March 15, 1907)
  • Subseries 5.4: Correspondence (March 15, 1907 -March 1912)

Subseries 5.4 also includes two photographs of Sollitt House and Yard: EA-10-2739 and EA-10-2740.

Engineer's Department Records, 1901-1962

This series consists of textual records and photographs created by the Engineer's Department. The series includes the following classes:

Class 1: Administration, 1915-1962
This class contains information relating to the various tasks involved in administering the City Engineer's Department. The department maintained a large fleet of vehicles and equipment and was responsible for a large number of employees. Much of the correspondence in this class refers to these two subjects as well as inspections and testing of products and machinery, safety, and accidents involving the City Engineer's Department. There is also a substantial amount of general correspondence relating to a wide variety of subject matter.

This class has been divided into the following subclasses: Accidents; Safety; Machinery and Equipment; Inspections and Testing; Personnel; General Correspondence.

Class 2: Airports, 1933-1960
This class contains information relating to the development and administration of the Municipal Airport. The correspondence includes information on user groups and maintenance. There is also some material relating to the operation and use of the Cooking Lake Sea Plane Base.

Class 3: Bridges, 1908-1957
This class contains information relating to the construction and maintenance of city bridges, in particular, the High Level, Low Level, Fifth Street, and Groat Road Bridges. There is also information pertaining to the Canadian Pacific, the Canadian National, and the Grand Trunk Pacific Railways, as well as correspondence relating to traffic control on bridges.

Class 4: Civic Departments, 1926-1962
This class contains correspondence with different civic departments on matters relating to the City Engineer's Department. This includes budgets, financial statements, and estimates of expenditure; answers to inquiries from the City Commissioners; health and safety issues; and legal correspondence relating mostly to leases and agreements.

This class has been divided into the following sub-classes: Edmonton Board of Health; City Commissioners; City Solicitor; Finance Department; Parks Department.

Class 5: Civil Defence, 1953-1957
This class contains information relating to the involvement of the City Engineer's Department in preparations for civil defence in the case of war. Interdepartmental correspondence is included as well as provincial and federal newsletters on the subject.

Class 6: Coal Mining, 1923-1933
This class contains correspondence relating to the impact of mining activity and its impact on construction and road development in Edmonton.

Class 7: Garbage Collection, Incinerators & Dumpsites, 1931-1959
This class contains information relating to the collection and disposal of garbage and the use and selection of dumpsites, all of which were the responsibility of the City Engineer's Department. Correspondence relating to the operation and maintenance of City incinerators, and the problems associated with them, is also included.

Class 8: Gravel Pits, 1940-1959
This class contains correspondence with the City Engineer's Department relating to arrangement for the use of City gravel pits.

Class 9: Street Improvements, Alterations & Repairs, 1921-1960
This class contains correspondence relating to the different areas of improvements undertaken by the City Engineer's Department. These include the acquisition of property to allow development; response to complaints about street, lane, and sidewalk conditions; and easements and encroachments.

This class has been divided into the following subclasses: Local Improvements; Easements & Encroachments.

Class 10: Planning & Transportation Development, 1938-1962
This class contains information relating to the City Engineer's Department's involvement in different areas of planning and development, such as the resubdivision and replotting of land to assist in future growth. There is also correspondence from the Technical Planning Board, as well as material relating to different annexation proposals. There is also material relating to the development of improved traffic routes through the city.

Class 11: Railways, 1913-1960
This class contains correspondence with the City Engineer's Department relating to the different railway companies, notably the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and the Canadian National Railway Company. Subject matter includes maintenance agreements in connection with bridges, spur tracks, and the operation of level crossings.

Class 12: Roadways, 1923-1961
The bulk of the correspondence in this class relates to bridge and road improvements during the 1920s and 1930s. These two subjects were interrelated and were filed together by the City Engineer's Department. Correspondence relating to street and lane closures, paving and subways were also included.

This class has been divided into the following subclasses: Road Improvements; Paving; Subways; Street Cleaning and Snow Removal.

Class 13: Sewers & Drainage, 1901-1958
This class contains information relating to the planning, construction, and improvement of sewer and drainage services in Edmonton. Such subject matters as charges and assessment, flooding claims, and sewage treatment plants are also included.

City of Edmonton. Finance Department fonds

  • CA EDM RG-18
  • Fonds
  • 1901 - 2008

This fonds contains records relating to the financial administration of the City of Edmonton. It has been divided into the following series:

  • Series 1: Debentures
  • Series 2: Annual Financial Statements and Reports
  • Series 3: Payroll
  • Series 4: Employee Pensions
  • Series 5: General Ledgers
  • Series 6: Investment Management
  • Series 7: Reports
  • Series 8: Budget Documents
  • Series 9: Office of the Comptroller
  • Series 10: Contracts
  • Series 11: Project Files
  • Series 12 : Office of the General Manager
  • Series 13: Risk Management

Finance Department

City of Edmonton. Planning Department fonds

  • CA EDM RG-17
  • Fonds
  • 1902 - 2007

This fonds contains the records of the Planning Department and its predecessors. An arrangement has been placed on the records. They have been placed into the following series:

  • Series 17.0: Planchecker's Files
  • Series 1: Planning Department Records 1970-1982
  • Series 2: Municipal Planning Commission
  • Series 3: Names Advisory Committee
  • Series 4: Address Coordination Committee
  • Series 5: Permits
  • Series 6: Photographs
  • Series 7: Scrapbooks
  • Series 8: Development Appeal Board

City of Edmonton. Planning Department


This series consists of building, sewer, and plumbing permit ledgers for the City of Edmonton from 1902-1976, and 1996-1998, as well as aggregates of building permits issued based on type of building between 1947 and 1973. The City requires a building permit be issued prior to the beginning of construction of any project. The ledgers contain information regarding these permits and the prices paid to attain them.


This series contains copies of photographs donated to the Archives by the Edmonton Public Library. Photos 1 to 49 are images of individuals from the ca. 1914 publication Men and Makers of Edmonton. Photos 50 to 64 depict library facilities, programming, and staff. Photos 65 and 66 are early shots of the North Saskatchewan River.


This series contains payroll records for City employees. The payroll ledgers include employee, name, position, rate of pay, deductions, net pay, and notes. The series also includes an employee ledger, which is an alphabetical listing of municipal employees, including name, position, wage, wage increases, date of appointment, and the reason for their departure.

City of Edmonton. License Department fonds

  • CA EDM RG-26
  • Fonds
  • 1905 - 1928

Fonds consists of records kept regarding the different types of licenses granted by the City in the early 1900s. It also includes examples of licenses purchased from the City.

The fonds consists of the following files:

  • File 1: Ledger of Licenses Granted (1909-1911)
  • File 2: Ledger of Dog Tags Issued (1905-1909)
  • File 3: Ledger of Dog Tags Issued (1909-1911)
  • File 4: Ledger containing Business Licenses Issued (1908-1911) and Dog Tags Issued (1908-1922)
  • File 5: License issued to Mah Jim to keep a restaurant at 264 Namayo Avenue known as “The Frisco Restaurant” (1909)
  • File 6: Dog tag #2451, issued to Mrs. L. Doherty for a black spaniel (1918)
  • File 7: Dray license #160 for a two horse vehicle (1928)
  • File 8: License register (1905-1906)

City of Edmonton License Department

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department was established in 1958 when the Department of Public Works and the Department of Public Utilities were amalgamated. The department was responsible for the construction and maintenance of Town infrastructure, such as streets, parks, and water and sewer lines, as well as for providing garbage collection and metre reading services. The Department was also tasked with building the Jasper Place Sports Centre. When the Town of Jasper Place amalgamated with the City of Edmonton, the Engineering Department was subsumed into the larger City Engineer's Department.

This series consists of records created and collected by the Jasper Place Engineering Department. It includes project reports, updates, finances, correspondence, police reports on damage to infrastructure, personnel, and blueprints. This series also includes a plaque for the First Street Paving Program.

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