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Edmonton skyline

  • View from south east looking at Hotel Macdonald, Alberta Government Telephones Tower, Thornton Court and McCauley Plaza. Hotel Macdonald;
  • Alberta Govt Telephones;
  • Thornton Court;
  • McCauley Plaza

Cromdale School

Cromdale school was located at 11240 - 79 Street. Built in 1931 the school was closed in 1980 by the school board. In 2004 it was sold for low cost housing and the Eastwood Health Clinic was erected in its grounds in 2008.

Ross Sheppard Composite High School

Aerial view taken from top of Barnett House of school located on 111th Avenue east of 142 Street. Ross Sheppard High School

Edmonton Courthouse

The Edmonton Courthouse was located downtown on the west side of Sir Winston Churchill Square until it was torn down in the 1970s. Courthouse

Bulldozer - plaque

interpretive plaque at OTS Centennial Park OTS Centennial Park

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