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Phil Cox fonds
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Roxy Theatre

This image shows the movie theatre located north of 107th Avenue on 124th Street. Roxy Theatre

Tiffany's Bird Shop

This photograph depicts a retail store located on 118th Avenue east of 97 Street. Tiffany's Bird Shop

Italian Bakery

Bakery located at 4118 - 118 Avenue Italian Bakery

gravestone - James Charles Chatterton Bremner

The gravestone of J.C.C. (James Charles Chatterton) Bremner. Bremner, born in 1864, was a remittance man from Scotland. He was a valuator and appraiser for the CPR, and raised horses. He and his wife were the main residents from 1903 to 1928. They held social events on the third floor of the house. He leased out the land for farming. Bremner committed suicide in 1928 after the money from Scotland ran out.

Film Processing

Film developing store located at 9328 - 111 Avenue. Film Processing

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