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Marie Dorsey

Image used for 1998 EHB Award.
Names: Dorsey, Marie

The Gibson Block

Includes Crown Grocery, Universal Distributors, Peters Barber Shop, Edmonton Steam Baths, Arctic Ice, Palace Gardens Dance Hall (Danceland), trolley bus, NADP milk delivery wagon and the "Whistler" man on Jasper Avenue.
See MS-152 f. 1 for accompanying notes.

Metropolitan Stores

Metropolitan and Kresges department stores in downtown Edmonton.
See MS-152 f. 1 for accompanying notes.

Inuk woman

A portrait of an Inuk woman dressed in traditional clothing and standing outside a teepee.
Same as EB-12 (cover photo) and similar to EB-12-2

Esquimaux in Their Kayaks

A view of two men seated in kayaks on water; each holds a paddle. A printed inscription on the front of the photo reads: "The kayak is made of seal skin, and is about 16 feet long with only sufficient room for one man".

Trading With the Esquimaux

An Inuk family standing with a Caucasian trader in front of their teepee. A printed inscription on the front of the photograph reads: "observe the stone ornaments the man has in his lips, they are inserted from the inside, a shoulder preventing it from coming all the way through".

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