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Grad Picnic - Victoria Trail

Part of the picnic with Harry Wilson's team from Chicago.
L to R: Daisy Johnson, Mrs. Michaels, Mr. Michaels, Elsie Bennie, Betty Riedl (Chicago player), H. MacDonald.

See also EB-27-80, EB-27-81 and EA-715-69 to EA-715-74.

1940 Reunion - Williamson Farm Picnic

Front row on ground (l to r): Mrs. B. Douglas and son, Mrs. G. Parney, Mildred McCormack, Betty Ross, Evelyn Coulson, Dot Johnson and daughter.
Seated behind (l to r): Mrs. Michaels, Mrs. B. Thompson, Pat Page.

1965 Reunion - 50th Anniversary

L to R: Dena Wilson (wife of Harry Wilson), Percy Page, Harry Wilson.
Note: Harry Wilson was the coach of the Chicago team who played the Grads.

Possibly taken at either the Grad Picnic held at the Thistle Club (see EB-27-124) or at CFRN TV (see EB-27-125).

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