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City of Edmonton. Corporate Communications Department fonds Imagem Com objeto digital
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Dan Henry

Planning and Development graphic designer, Dan Henry, stands in front of an ambulance bearing his new design.
This photograph was published in City LINK in February, 1999.

See also RG-7 Series 9 file 24.


Indigenous dancers performing at the Paul Kane dinner held at Fort Edmonton; the dancers are wearing traditional costume, and dinner guests are seated at tables set against the walls of the room.

Commission Board

This image presents the last members of the Commission Board before it was dissolved in 1984. Commissioners were executives of the City government who oversaw operations in a number of departments to assist the Mayor (who usually oversaw the Financial Dept). In 1984 the Commissioners were transitioned into the City Manager's Office and Deputy City Managers except for Thomas Adams, who retired.
Names: Walker, Phil H.; Adams, Thomas E.; Purves, Cec; Dietze, Sig; Lychak, Douglas A.

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