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Esquimaux in Their Kayaks

A view of two men seated in kayaks on water; each holds a paddle. A printed inscription on the front of the photo reads: "The kayak is made of seal skin, and is about 16 feet long with only sufficient room for one man".

Trading With the Esquimaux

An Inuk family standing with a Caucasian trader in front of their teepee. A printed inscription on the front of the photograph reads: "observe the stone ornaments the man has in his lips, they are inserted from the inside, a shoulder preventing it from coming all the way through".

Fort McPherson, The Most Northerly Post of the H.B. Co.

A view of wooden buildings, a teepee, and people in the community of Fort McPherson. The following is inscribed on front of the image: "It is on [Peel] River within the Arctic Circle, 2000 miles north of Edmonton. The midnight sun shines here for about two weeks. The Esquimaux quite frequently come as far south [as] McPherson to trade."

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