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Sandison's Brickyard Crew at Boarding House

On verso: 'Charlie J. Sandison in front at right. Son in foreground with dog. Charlie Sandison got caught in a belt in the plant and died the next day. You can still see the hollow in the golf course where a clay pit was, just before you turn to go onto the Groat Road from River Road'. Likely written in 1972.

Fort Saskatchewan Team - Played For Edmonton

  • Champions of Alberta. Defeated Calgary at Calgary.
  • Back row (l to r): J. Williams, C. Blair, Lestoc Forbes, Dick Hardisty (Capt.), Sidney Kelly (Referee), ? Cresswell, 'Red' Macdonal, Herb Edmiston, Art Adamson.
  • Kneeling or Sitting (l to r): Frank Braine, Laurie Adamson, Frank Adamson, Harry Hope, N. Jackson, G. Armstrong, F. Corrie, Jack Forbes (Touch Judge).
  • Note: 1895 is written on the scrapbook page but 1893 is written on back of photograph.
  • Photo from Scrapbook 1.

Edmonton Rugby Football Team

  • Champions of Alberta.
  • Back row (l to r): R.H. Stinson (quarterback), W.L. Wylie (scrimmage), K.S. Taylor (manager and wing), M.A. Scott (scrimmage), Hal Burnham (half back), E. McLean (full back), D.W. Robinson (sec./treas.), C.A. Wilson (half back).
  • Middle row (l to r): Harold Brunton (Vice Pres.), W. F. Crowley (Vice Pres.), S.S. Franklin (Comm.), Hon. C.W. Cross (Vice Pres.).
  • Front row (l to r): Head Dog, N.S. Singleton (wing), L. Bishopric (scrimmage), S.T. Wilson (wing), R.T. Dykes (wing), A. McDonald (wing), Assistant Dog.
  • Bottom Insets (l to r): P. Hardisty (half back), W.V. Poapst (wing), T.G. McKay (wing).
  • Photo from Scrapbook 1.

1921 Edmonton Eskimos

  • Finalists in the Grey Cup, December 3, 1921 in Toronto. The 1921 Team had their photo taken in the snow at Winnipeg en route to Toronto.
  • Back (l to r): ?, Bill Matthews, Moe Lieberman (manager), Jim Enright, George Shieman, George Day, Miles Palmer, Vic Yancy, Bill Fowler, Dinty Moore, Curly Dorman, Noble Stevens, Louis Scaler (executive), Joe Driscoll (executive), Deacon White (coach).
  • Front (l to r): Suart Fraser (ass't manager), Doc Murdock, Blossom Seelely, Bill Rankin, Ross Burnett, Art Creighton, Clare Darling, Ab Emery, Howard Harrison.
  • Front sitting (holding ball): Jack Fraser.
  • Same as EA-780-22. Photo from Scrapbook 1.

Western Canada Rugby Champions - Season 1922

  • Back (l to r): Joe Driscoll (Vice-Pres), Deacon White (Coach), Adams, Palmer, Duke, Shieman, Carrigan, Yancy, Dorman, Dunsworth, Brunson, Day, Lieberman (Manager), Enright.
  • Front (l to r): Cullman, McColl, McAllister, Spence, Seely, Burnett, Brown, Creighton, Jack Ferguson (Trainer).
  • Photo from Scrapbook 1.

The 1922 Grey CupTeam

  • The team lost but was only the second team from the west to play in the Cup final.
  • Back (l to r): Ferguson, Adams, Sherman, Carrigon, Palmer, Duke, Deacon White (Coach), Brunson, Shieman, Fowler, Yancey, Creighton, Enright, Lieberman (Manager).
  • Front (l to r): Stewart Fraser, Jack Fraser, Art Skitch, Spence, Seeley, Reg Skitch, McAlister, Brown, Burnett, Dorman, Dunsworth.
  • Photo from Scrapbook 1.
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