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Theatre for Children

The photographs in this series depict theatrical productions put on by the Recreation Department and the Junior League of Edmonton. The program was called Theatre for Children, and most productions took place at Victoria Composite High School, though a few were also held at the Jubilee Auditorium. In the 1960s the program expanded to include The Playground Players, which offered outdoor theatrical productions in the community. This series includes photographs of most of the productions undertaken from 1954 until 1966, when the Junior League handed the program over to the Junior Arts Council. The series also includes photographs of dance workshops for children and a concert held at Borden Park.

Engineer's Department Records, 1901-1962

This series consists of textual records and photographs created by the Engineer's Department. The series includes the following classes:

Class 1: Administration, 1915-1962
This class contains information relating to the various tasks involved in administering the City Engineer's Department. The department maintained a large fleet of vehicles and equipment and was responsible for a large number of employees. Much of the correspondence in this class refers to these two subjects as well as inspections and testing of products and machinery, safety, and accidents involving the City Engineer's Department. There is also a substantial amount of general correspondence relating to a wide variety of subject matter.

This class has been divided into the following subclasses: Accidents; Safety; Machinery and Equipment; Inspections and Testing; Personnel; General Correspondence.

Class 2: Airports, 1933-1960
This class contains information relating to the development and administration of the Municipal Airport. The correspondence includes information on user groups and maintenance. There is also some material relating to the operation and use of the Cooking Lake Sea Plane Base.

Class 3: Bridges, 1908-1957
This class contains information relating to the construction and maintenance of city bridges, in particular, the High Level, Low Level, Fifth Street, and Groat Road Bridges. There is also information pertaining to the Canadian Pacific, the Canadian National, and the Grand Trunk Pacific Railways, as well as correspondence relating to traffic control on bridges.

Class 4: Civic Departments, 1926-1962
This class contains correspondence with different civic departments on matters relating to the City Engineer's Department. This includes budgets, financial statements, and estimates of expenditure; answers to inquiries from the City Commissioners; health and safety issues; and legal correspondence relating mostly to leases and agreements.

This class has been divided into the following sub-classes: Edmonton Board of Health; City Commissioners; City Solicitor; Finance Department; Parks Department.

Class 5: Civil Defence, 1953-1957
This class contains information relating to the involvement of the City Engineer's Department in preparations for civil defence in the case of war. Interdepartmental correspondence is included as well as provincial and federal newsletters on the subject.

Class 6: Coal Mining, 1923-1933
This class contains correspondence relating to the impact of mining activity and its impact on construction and road development in Edmonton.

Class 7: Garbage Collection, Incinerators & Dumpsites, 1931-1959
This class contains information relating to the collection and disposal of garbage and the use and selection of dumpsites, all of which were the responsibility of the City Engineer's Department. Correspondence relating to the operation and maintenance of City incinerators, and the problems associated with them, is also included.

Class 8: Gravel Pits, 1940-1959
This class contains correspondence with the City Engineer's Department relating to arrangement for the use of City gravel pits.

Class 9: Street Improvements, Alterations & Repairs, 1921-1960
This class contains correspondence relating to the different areas of improvements undertaken by the City Engineer's Department. These include the acquisition of property to allow development; response to complaints about street, lane, and sidewalk conditions; and easements and encroachments.

This class has been divided into the following subclasses: Local Improvements; Easements & Encroachments.

Class 10: Planning & Transportation Development, 1938-1962
This class contains information relating to the City Engineer's Department's involvement in different areas of planning and development, such as the resubdivision and replotting of land to assist in future growth. There is also correspondence from the Technical Planning Board, as well as material relating to different annexation proposals. There is also material relating to the development of improved traffic routes through the city.

Class 11: Railways, 1913-1960
This class contains correspondence with the City Engineer's Department relating to the different railway companies, notably the Canadian Pacific Railway Company and the Canadian National Railway Company. Subject matter includes maintenance agreements in connection with bridges, spur tracks, and the operation of level crossings.

Class 12: Roadways, 1923-1961
The bulk of the correspondence in this class relates to bridge and road improvements during the 1920s and 1930s. These two subjects were interrelated and were filed together by the City Engineer's Department. Correspondence relating to street and lane closures, paving and subways were also included.

This class has been divided into the following subclasses: Road Improvements; Paving; Subways; Street Cleaning and Snow Removal.

Class 13: Sewers & Drainage, 1901-1958
This class contains information relating to the planning, construction, and improvement of sewer and drainage services in Edmonton. Such subject matters as charges and assessment, flooding claims, and sewage treatment plants are also included.

Engineer's Department Records, 1911-1968

This series consists of correspondence, contracts, financial records, production records, paving blueprints, and payroll ledgers, as well as photographs of construction projects undertaken by the Engineer's Department. The series includes the following classes:

Class 1: Financial Records, 1919-1942
This class consists of records listing financial debits and credits.

Class 2: Gravel Records, 1958-1961
This class consists of gravel supply contracts and ledgers illustrating the amount and types of gravel supplied from different pits.

Class 3: Miscellaneous Files, 1922-1963
This class consists of correspondence with the City of Edmonton Engineer's Department, records illustrating employee performance, and labour union contracts.

Class 4: Paving Blueprints, 1929-1967
This class consists primarily of blueprints showing the progressing of road pacing during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. The class also includes financial graphs and statistics in addition to correspondence. Files in this class corresponding to Edmonton addresses are organized alphabetically by name, by avenues (lowest to highest) and streets (lowest to highest).

Class 5: Traffic, 1965-1967
This class consists of correspondence with the Engineer's Department relating to concerns over traffic in the city.

Class 6: Winter Works, 1959-1968
The class contains correspondence and payroll statements listing labour costs for winter works projects. Payroll statements are listed by project and claim number rather than alphabetically or chronologically.


This series contains correspondence with the Village of West Edmonton.
File list:

  • File 1: Correspondence, 1913
  • File 2: Correspondence, 1916-1917

Corporate Newsletters

On March 5, 1976 the first City of Edmonton Employee Publication was released by the Public Relations Department as a means of communication between all City of Edmonton employees. It provided information on what was happening in the different departments; topics of general interest; and on personal events such as births, marriages, retirements, and deaths. Contents were solicited from all City employees and then selected by the editor H. L. Pawson (also the Public Relations Director).

Between July 1976 and December 1983, the publication was called Mainstream. Starting in January, 1984, the publication was changed in reaction to the economic downturn. Now called Ministream, it was smaller (and cheaper to produce), and came out bi-weekly rather than only ten times a year. Ministream provided factual reports of major events in Civic life with a focus on how they affected employees, but also included cartoons, photographs, guest editorials, benefits updates, and a classified section. Ministream also began running articles that dealt with social issues affecting employees, such as domestic violence, HIV and AIDS, and famine overseas.

January 18, 1991 was the debut issue of City LINK, which replaced Ministream. Similarly, City LINK was a timely, cost-effective news service for employees. City LINK was bi-weekly until September 1995, when it became a monthly publication.

In February 2014 greatcitynews quietly replaced City LINK. greatcitynews was distributed monthly and provided news on civic plans, policies and programs; corporate and individual work-related achievements, and employee learning and development, benefits, health, safety, and fitness. The last print issue of greatcitynews was published December 2015, after which time it was only available electronically.

This series contains copies of Mainstream, Ministream, City LINK, and greatcitynews.

Annie York Secord

The series consists of daily journals, 1906-1918, 1937-1950, scrapbooks and recipe clipping books, 1945-1962 (one recipe book added to after her death), correspondence and other documents relating to her life, interests and activities.

Secord, Annie Ada York

Lena Secord McFadyen

The series consists of three postcards. Two postcards are to Lena, one from brother Richard (1911), and the other from Peggy-Anne ? (nd). The third postcard is from Lena to unknown recipient (nd).

McFadyen, Lena Secord

Richard Calhoun Secord

The series consists of a letter from John G. Diefenbaker (Leader of the Opposition, 1967) with a copy of House of Commons debates, Jan. 11, 1967, commemorating birth of John A. Macdonald, and a mock newspaper, headlined “Richard C Secord Returns to Winterburn Old Fashion Days” (most text reprinted from a 1917 issue of Calgary Eye Opener), [197?] (o/s folder).

Secord, Richard Calhoun

Citizens Action Centre

This series contains records collected and created by the Citizens Action Centre. The material was mostly used to provide information to the public, though some material also reflects special projects undertaken by the unit, such as their involvement in the 1987 tornado response, Klondike Days, and the 8th IAAF World Championships in Athletics held in Edmonton in 2001. The material has been divided into the following subseries:

  • Subseries 2.1 Administration (including EA-803)
  • Subseries 2.2 Information resources for citizens
  • Subseries 2.3 Poster collection

Citizens Action Centre

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