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Found In Collections collection
CA EDM MS-0 · Colección · 1893 - 1967

The collection consists of original material removed from the City of Edmonton Archives Clippings collection as well as records found within the collections that either lack clear provenance or exist as discreet items.

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Bond Family fonds
CA EDM MS-1 · Fondo · 1910 - 1966

The fonds consists of textual and photographic records of Margaret Bond, the Bond-Adams Company and Victor P. Bond.

The records for Margaret Joy Bond include personal correspondence, postcards, a scrapbook and certificate (1948-1966).

The records for the Bond-Adams Company include business correspondence and accounts books dealing with clients, companies, and land deals including the record of sale of Tofield Industrial and University Plateau, land speculation in Victoria, B.C. and documents for Walters vs Bond Adams. There are also insurance forms, pamphlets and advertisements (1910-1915).

The records for Victor P. Bond consist of an accounts book relating to an unknown business of Victor P. Bond, order forms for suits and accounts journals for Victor P. Bond’s tailoring business (1920-1922,1947-1958).

The photographs include images of farming, coal mining in Toefield, construction, construction, firefighting equipment and the offices of the Bond-Adams Company (ca. 1910-1912).

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Edna Kells fonds
CA EDM MS-10 · Fondo · 1921-1946, 1967

The fonds of materials created or collected by Edna Kells, including fiction and non-fiction manuscripts as well as notes and clippings pertaining to these manuscripts. There are numerous short manuscripts and two book size manuscripts; one a source book of early Alberta history and one entitled "Those Wonderful McDougall Women". Most of the material deals with the pioneer history of Alberta.

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Alexander Cameron Rutherford fonds
CA EDM MS-100 · Fondo · 1896 - 1910

The fonds consists of correspondence relating to his activities as a candidate for the North-West Territories Legislature, service as Secretary-Treasurer of the Town of Strathcona, N.W.T., officer of the Strathcona Liberal Association and Premier of Alberta. There is also one framed photographic collage, first mayor and council, Strathcona, 1899.
Also included are documents relating to Alexander Cameron Rutherford and the Town of Strathcona, possibly acquired by Doug Babcock during his research for his biography, 'Alexander Cameron Rutherford : A Gentleman of Strathcona', 1980.

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MacAllister Family fonds
CA EDM MS-101 · Fondo · 1891 - 1970

The fonds consists of programmes, orders of service and booklets relating to the dairy industry, royalty, the Boer War and the First World War and women’s organizations. It also includes photographs of a land scrip certificate, members of the Lauder family, dairy groups and facilities, an Edmonton firehall and an Old Timers’ luncheon group.

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CA EDM MS-1037-EA-500 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1906-1915
Parte de Edmonton Chamber of Commerce fonds

The file consists of one photo album (60 pages, 61 images) of photographs taken by Byron-May for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce to promote Edmonton in the early twentieth century as an up-and-coming city.
For descriptions of each photograph, see EA-500 photographs online.

Hazel Rutherford McCuaig fonds
CA EDM MS-107 · Fondo · 1899 - 1976

The fonds consists of materials created or collected by Hazel McCuaig. It includes correspondence, a scrapbook collection containing news clippings on members of the Northern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association and other prominent people and places in Alberta's history, brochures and programs relating to historical groups and cultural events in Edmonton and Strathcona. The photographs include the Rutherford home, Edmonton and district buildings, events, family members and friends as well as a military panorama (EA-82, EA-10-353, EA-10-2251). There are also maps and books on Edmonton, and a watercolour painting of McKay Avenue School.

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1911 Edmonton Bulletin Special Edition
CA EDM MS-1071-1 · Unidad documental compuesta · 1911
Parte de Edmonton Bulletin fonds

The Edmonton Bulletin hired advertising specialist C.A. Violette of San Francisco to conduct an advertising campaign to create this Special Edition which was used to promote Edmonton as an up-and-coming city, and includes descriptions of businesses, businessmen, and industries, as well as descriptions of the social, economic, military and artistic scenes in Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area.

All of the photographs used in the publication were created by the Byron-May Company (EB-26).

Elmer E. Roper fonds
CA EDM MS-11 · Fondo · 1959 - 1967

The fonds consists of political papers relating to Dr. Roper's tenure as Mayor of Edmonton from 1959 to 1963.
The photographs are from an album, presented to Elmer Roper by Chief Constable M.F.C. Anthony, commemorating the official opening of Police Headquarters Building, October 16, 1962.
The textual material was arranged as follows:

  • Speeches, includes proclamations, briefings and other statements.
  • General Correspondence, containing invitations and acknowledgements; complaints and compliments, and general commentaries on civic business; also includes files created by his immediate predecessors as mayor, William Hawrelak, mayor until his resignation in September 1959 and F.J. Mitchell, acting mayor until the municipal election in October 1959.
  • Miscellaneous Papers, including new clippings, reports, and incidental documents
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CA EDM MS-113-1 · Serie · 1974 - 2006
Parte de Old Strathcona Foundation fonds

This series consists of documents related to the regular operation of the Foundation. Included in this series are minutes and agendas of the Board of Directors and various committees that reported to the Board, incorporation records, bylaws and their amendments, financial statements, budgets, annual general meetings including annual reports, correspondence, and other documents pertaining to the larger operation of the Foundation. The documents in this series have been arranged to roughly correspond to their subject matter. For example, files related to the Princess Theatre’s operation are grouped together though there may be some documents with higher file numbers to reflect later accruals to the collection.