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Edmonton Incline Railway
CA EDM MS-153-File 2 · Dossier · 2011
Fait partie de Douglas Parker fonds

The Edmonton Incline Railway by Doug V. Parker, including:
~ draft manuscript of The Edmonton Incline Railway (available online)
~ typed excerpts (18 February 2001) from newspaper articles and government reports (1905-1986, predominant 1905-1913) relating to the Edmonton Incline Railway;
~ photocopied images of the Edmonton Incline Railway.

Safe Needle Disposal Toolkit
CA EDM RG-60-5-16 · Dossier · 2005 - 2006
Fait partie de City of Edmonton. Edmonton Police Department fonds

This file contains a copy of the Safe Disposal Toolkit, created by Edmonton's Safedmonton Initiatives, and is an example of the tools they created with their partner organizations around personal and community safety. The toolkit includes a DVD titled "Don't Get Stuck: Needle Safety Program", created by the Edmonton Police Service.

Carter House Final
CA EDM RG-17-17.9-247 · Dossier · 1995 October
Fait partie de City of Edmonton. Planning Department fonds

"Carter House Final", produced by City of Edmonton Planning Department. This tape documents the move of the Carter Residence and Barn, and is an edited down copy of the raw footage found in file 248.

CA EDM MS-1231-57 · Dossier · [199-?] - 2002
Fait partie de Orlando Books fonds

File consists of 20 photographs taken at various events that Orlando Books was represented at, supported, or that staff participated in. This includes pictures at Pride parades, protests, the Gay and Lesbian Awareness Festival of Chorus, and the Vriend v. Alberta rally and victory potluck. Also included are photographs taken at various book readings.

CA EDM RG-71-1-32 · Dossier · 1989
Fait partie de City of Edmonton. Edmonton Ambulance Authority fonds

This file contains a photographic survey of facilities operated by the Edmonton Ambulance Authority. Among the sites are:

  • Station #1 (Headquarters) at 10510 - 107 Avenue [pages 1-31]
  • Station #9 (Edmonton General Hospital) [pages 32-33]
  • Edmonton Ambulance Authority parking at the Western GMC Hangar [page 34]
  • Station #2 at 109 Street and University Avenue [pages 35-36]
  • Station #3 at 93 Street and 127 Avenue [pages 37-39]
  • Station #4 at 10526 - 142 Street [pages 40-55]
  • Station #5 at 6506 - 118 Avenue [pages 56-63]
  • Station #6 at 9813 - 34 Avenue [pages 64-66]
  • Station #7 at the Misericordia Hospital [pages 67-68]
  • Station #8 at 8309 - 90 Avenue [pages 69-80]