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Hudson's Bay Company collection
CA EDM MS-51 · Collection · 1879-1884, 1970

The fonds consists of accounting records from Fort Edmonton (1879-1884) and a daily journal from Fort Victoria, now Pakan (1890-1893). There are also records relating to a model-building contest of Fort Edmonton and copies of plans for Fort Edmonton (1970).
Photographs include the official opening of Fort Edmonton Park (1967), the winning Fort Edmonton model and builder (1970), York boats and Red River carts.

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Alberta Hotel collection
CA EDM MS-159 · Collection · [ca. 1910]

The collection consists of items from, or advertising, the Alberta Hotel.
File 1:

  • Alberta Hotel advertisement on ribbon featuring a list of hotel rules and schedules as well as advertisements for Edmonton businesses [ca. 1910] (see MS O/S - map cabinet).
  • Alberta Hotel envelope, addressed to ‘Alec Cote, City’.
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John T. Jones collection
CA EDM MS-33 · Collection · 1910

The collection consists of a souvenir program of the Edmonton Memorial Services for King Edward VII, May 20, 1910.

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CA EDM MS-401 · Collection · [ca. 1918] - 1939

The collection consists of records transferred from the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives, as better fitting the mandate of the City of Edmonton Archives.

File list:

  1. Sheet music - The Boys of the Great Western Plains, words and music by Pte. W. Watson, 138th Batt., CEF, Edmonton; dedicated to the 49th Canadian CEF Edmonton Alberta Batt'n (Loyal Edmonton Regiment), [ca. 1918].

  2. Postcard - (of Field, BC and Mt. Stephen), addressed to Mrs. Mohr;
    Souvenir Programme - Souvenir to Commemorate the Fortieth Year of the Ministry of Rev. D.G. McQueen, 1927 - annotated with Mrs. Mohr, Vernon.

  3. Souvenir Programme - The Visit of Their Most Gracious Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the Province of Alberta, Edmonton, 1939.

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Harold E. Rudder collection
CA EDM MS-45 · Collection · 1887 - 1888

The collection consists of two copies of the Edmonton Bulletin newspaper collected by Harold.
File 1: Edmonton Bulletin newspaper, September 8, 1887
File 2: Edmonton Bulletin newspaper, August 8, 1888.

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George Lewis Davies collection
CA EDM MS-355 · Collection · 1955-1983
  • The collection consists of newspaper clippings, mostly relating to politics, immigration, bilingualism, education, sports and Klondike Days between 1970 and 1983, historical booklets, souvenir issues of newspapers and magazines (i.e. Royal Wedding 1982), 2 copies of 1974 editions of the St. Johns Edmonton Report and a 1955 Alberta Jubilee Calendar;
  • Oil paintings: Rabbit Hill Coal Mine when it was deserted and in ruins (at Ellerslie west of Highway 2, Whitemud Valley); Windermere N.W.M.P. barracks on the Columbia River.
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Evelyn McClellan McEachern collection
CA EDM MS-390 · Collection · 1920-1944

The collection consists of materials collected by Evelyn McEachern and created between 1920 and 1944. The collection consists of a songbook and photograph album from Alberta College (1920) and souvenirs of the Edmonton Grads Basketball team. There is also a manuscript entitled "Flashing Clouds" written by Agnes Stuart.

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J.P. Feamley collection
CA EDM MS-424 · Collection · 1898-1950

The collection consists of various sheets of music previously belonging to Catherine and Heather Feamley, war collectibles, and ordinance maps dating from 1898 to 1950.

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Jack Manson collection
CA EDM MS-434 · Collection · 1931-1932

The collection consists of materials collected by Jack Manson and dating from 1931-1932. The collection consists of the estate record for Ernest Scales, a copy of the Edmonton Handicraft Guild letterhead and a copy of the Civil Service Bulletin (1932).

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John C. McCuaig collection
CA EDM MS-532 · Collection · 1926-1971

The collection consists of Edmonton Exhibition buttons, first day covers promoting Edmonton and Klondike Days and a postcard. The materials dates from 1926 to 1971.

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