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CA EDM MS-401 · Colección · [ca. 1918] - 1939

The collection consists of records transferred from the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives, as better fitting the mandate of the City of Edmonton Archives.

File list:

  1. Sheet music - The Boys of the Great Western Plains, words and music by Pte. W. Watson, 138th Batt., CEF, Edmonton; dedicated to the 49th Canadian CEF Edmonton Alberta Batt'n (Loyal Edmonton Regiment), [ca. 1918].

  2. Postcard - (of Field, BC and Mt. Stephen), addressed to Mrs. Mohr;
    Souvenir Programme - Souvenir to Commemorate the Fortieth Year of the Ministry of Rev. D.G. McQueen, 1927 - annotated with Mrs. Mohr, Vernon.

  3. Souvenir Programme - The Visit of Their Most Gracious Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to the Province of Alberta, Edmonton, 1939.

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Elaine M. Low collection
CA EDM MS-563 · Colección · 1922-1974

This fonds consists of a program from the Evelyn Park School of Ballet (1922), a copy of the "Beverly Page" (11/01/1974) and a manuscript of "the History of the Glorious First of July 1893".

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Milt Milley collection
CA EDM MS-568 · Colección · 1969-1994

The collection consists of a Transport Canada flyer and the booklet, "Eleven steps to survival."

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Kim Christie-Milley collection
CA EDM MS-580 · Colección · 1991-1994
  • This collection consists of programs from the Fringe Festival 1991 and 1992 and a history of the Fringe, 1991
  • some Miles for Millions fundraising distance walks certificates 1969-1973
  • 4 copies of Edmonton Journal "I was there" certificate for Edmonton's record cold spell in 1969 by Uluschak
  • and photographs of the old City of Edmonton Archives building.
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Ethel Field collection
CA EDM MS-1249 · Colección · 1947 - 1968

This collection contains artwork produced by Edmonton artist Ethel Field.

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David Mellec collection
CA EDM MS-108 · Colección · [ca. 1910]

The collection consists of two tickets from Edmonton’s first movie theatre, the Bijou Theatre (John Hazza – Manager).
The Bijou Theatre, located at 10134 – 101 Street, opened around 1910. It was remodeled in 1938 with plans designed by the architectural firm Rule, Wynn, Rule and reopened at the Rialto Theatre. The Bijou theatre closed around 1987.

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Anonymous Donors collection
CA EDM MS-763 · Colección · 1919 - 1947

The collection consists of photographs of buildings, street scenes and people of Edmonton.

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Patricia Beuerlein collection
CA EDM MS-402 · Colección · 1976-1986

The fonds consists of materials collected by Patricia Beuerlein of Edmonton between 1976 and 1986. The fonds consists of the programs of various theatrical productions from the Citadel and Theatre West, as well as exhibition catalogues from art gallery exhibitions.

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Mrs. J.P. Fowler collection
CA EDM MS-534 · Colección · [1913?]-1959

The collection consists of a program for the Edmonton Symphony season 1958-59 and a clipping concerning the opening of the Jubilee Auditorium in 1959. The photographs are of National Institute of Music and Art 1937, Bijou Theatre Ext., and the Empress Theatre projection room c. 1913 with Johnnie Fowler and Bert Miles

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Thoman McMinn collection
CA EDM MS-150 · Colección · 1926 - 1927, [ca. 1940]

The collection consists of materials collected by Thomas McMinn, including:

  • programme: The Women’s Musical Club of Edmonton - Song Recital by Amelita Galli-Curci, Empire Theatre, October 19th, 1926.
  • programme: Organ Recital by Monsieur Louis Vierne, Titular Organist of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (North American Tour), First Presbyterian Church, March 10th, 1927 (2 copies).
  • programme: Nation Council of Education, Programme of Concert to be given by The Gentlemen of His Majesty’s Free Chapel of St. George in Windsor Castle and the Choristers of Westminster Abbey, n.d.
  • programme: International Basketball Championship, Chicago “Taylor-Trunks” vs “The Grads”, Edmonton Arena, Oct 25th and 27th, 1927.
  • 1 Canadian meat ration token, WWII, [ca. 1938].
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