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Images Alberta Camera Club
CA EDM MS-1094 · Arquivo · 1985-2000

The fonds consists of slides from Images Alberta Camera Club's project "A Day in the Life of Edmonton." The project was completed by 51 members of the Club. The fonds also includes copies of the Clubs Edmonton Focus 2000 project publication.

File List:

  1. A Day in the Life of Edmonton [100 35mm slides], 1985 March 7
  2. A Day in the Life of Edmonton [100 35 mm slides], 1985 March 7
  3. A Day in the Life of Edmonton [100 35 mm slides], 1985 March 7
  4. A Day in the Life of Edmonton [19 35 mm slides], 1985 March 7
  5. Edmonton Focus 2000: Images Alberta Camera Club Millennium Project, 2000
  6. Edmonton Focus 2000: Images Alberta Camera Club Millennium Project, 2000 [different cover]
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Phil Cox fonds
CA EDM MS-438 · Arquivo · 1941 - 1971

This fonds consists of a history of the Alban, Treals, Cartmell and Fry families, transit maps, an Alberta Railway timetable, a price list for Hazletts' store, and materials on the Edmonton Bird Club.
The photographs include Edmonton buildings, street scenes, events and people.

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Donald S. McKay fonds
CA EDM MS-154 · Arquivo · 1894, 1921

The fonds consists of:

  • draft motion of the Belmont School District no. 23 re: location of school, n.d.;
  • a draft letter of commendation to an unnamed music teacher, signed by Elizabeth Mitchell (on reverse of previous item, includes notations and date, April 4, 1894);
  • tax receipt, Municipal District of Spruce Grove no. 519 to D.S. McKay, November 19, 1921.
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Gay and Lesbian Archives of Edmonton fonds (GALA)
CA EDM MS-595 · Arquivo · 1969 - 2010

The Gay and Lesbian Archives captures many aspects of Edmonton’s gay and lesbian population, ca. 1970 to the mid-2000s and the growth of organizations and groups to facilitate and serve them. The primary organizations represented in the fonds, and described as the first four series of the fonds are: the Gay Alliance Toward Equality (GATE), Gay and Lesbian Awareness (GALA), the AIDS Network of Edmonton Society, and the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Edmonton (GLCCE). Within each of these organizations, are administrative records including bylaws, constitution, meeting minutes and documents, financial statements, and correspondence, as well as any type of activity or committee records maintained by the said organization.

There is inter-relatedness to many of these organizations, and the boundaries between their activities and mandate can be hard to distinguish from one another. Series 5, as an example, is the Edmonton Pride Festival Society records, which had origins with both GALA and GLCCE but outgrew both organizations to form its own society in 1999, and is concerned with numerous on-going annual pride events organized for Edmonton. Other series in the fonds that have origins in earlier organizations include Series 9: Civil/Human Rights; Series 12: Organizations; and Series 13: Resources and References. Responsibilities for collecting in these series shifted as organizations and their committees closed and reopened under new names and structures, and so the decision was made to organize the records within separate series to better describe them and capture this evolution.

The remaining series in the fonds represents a way to organize the records to reflect what has already been donated, but also allow for expansion as further accruals are received.

Smaller series in the fonds include series 6, the University of Alberta Gay organizations; series 7: Sporting Associations; and Series 10, Youth Related Organizations and Resources. While relatively small yet in extent, there is the potential for growth within each of these series as new University-related groups, sporting organizations, and youth-focused associations relating to Edmonton’s GLBQT population form. Gay cultural and social organizations were also established in Edmonton, and two of the series in the fonds relate directly to these: Series 8 is records of the Vocal Minority Music Society which later became Edmonton Vocal Minority, and Series 11 contains records from some of the clubs and entertainment venues that operated in Edmonton. The connection between series is again obvious, as for example, the gay entertainment clubs often hosted events and activities as fundraisers for the Aids Network of Edmonton. Continued expansion in these series is also likely.

A final series was created to capture those files created by Michael Phair, a well-known Edmontonian and activist for the gay community of Edmonton. His name is connected with many of the groups represented in this fonds, and he was a prime mover behind the gathering and preserving of the Gay and Lesbian archive.

Series are as follows:

  • Series 1 – Gay Alliance Toward Equity (GATE)
  • Series 2 – Gay and Lesbian Awareness (GALA)
  • Series 3 – AIDS Network / HIV Edmonton
  • Series 4 – Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Edmonton (GLCCE) / Pride Centre of Edmonton
  • Series 5 – Edmonton Pride Festival Society / Pride Events
  • Series 6 – University of Alberta Gay Organizations
  • Series 7 – Sporting Associations
  • Series 8 – The Vocal Minority Music Society / Edmonton Vocal Minority
  • Series 9 – Civil / Human Rights
  • Series 10 – Youth Related Organizations / Resources
  • Series 11 – Clubs / Entertainment Venues
  • Series 12 – Organizations
  • Series 13 – Resources and References
  • Series 14 – Michael Phair records
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City of Edmonton. Planning Department fonds
CA EDM RG-17 · Arquivo · 1902 - 2017

This fonds contains the records of the Planning Department and its predecessors. An arrangement has been placed on the records. They have been placed into the following series:

  • Series 17.0: Planchecker's Files
  • Series 1: Planning Department Records 1970-1982
  • Series 2: Municipal Planning Commission
  • Series 3: Names Advisory Committee
  • Series 4: Address Coordination Committee
  • Series 5: Permits
  • Series 6: Photographs
  • Series 7: Scrapbooks
  • Series 8: Development Appeal Board
  • Series 9: Heritage Planning
  • Series 10: Town Planning Commission
  • Series 11: Condominium Subdivision Files
  • Series 12: Subdivision Files
  • Series 13: Land Use Bylaw Files
  • Series 14: Zoning Appeal Board
  • Series 15: Interim Development Appeal Board
  • Series 16: Zoning Committee
  • Series 18: Census Aggregates
  • Series 19: Edmonton District Planning Commission
  • Series 20: Reports and Publications
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Lillian Maze fonds
CA EDM MS-486 · Arquivo · [ca. 1910] - [ca. 1980]

The fonds consists of the following:

  • File 1: Article titled 'The Big Hotel' by Lillian Maze about the Columbia Stopping House, which was published in the Edmonton Journal (1953) and formed the basis of an article published in the Spring 1964 edition of The Alberta Historical Review. There is also a souvenir booklet 'Souvenir of the Edmonton Schools - Issued at the Opening of the High School, May 9, 1911' (1911). The Edmonton High School was later known as Victoria School.
  • File 2: Painting by Lillian Maze's daughter and Edmonton Art Club member Kathleen Anne Elizabeth (Betty) Hickey titled "Columbia Stopping House". The building was located at the corner of Grierson (101A Avenue) and 96 Street. The painting was formerly described as EAA-66-1.

The photographs include EA-512-1: a portrait of Lillian Maze [ca. 1980] and EA-512: a photograph of Columbia House [ca. 1910].

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Alyce Rowswell Schroeder fonds
CA EDM MS-537 · Arquivo · 1940-1978

The fonds consists of materials created or collected by Alice Roswell Schroeder of Edmonton and dating from 1940 to 1978. The fonds consists of a history of the Little Mountain Cemetery and a list of interments as compiled by the Alberta Genealogical Society. There are also clippings, a scrapbook, prints and cards, and a publication of the genealogy of the Rowswell-Hutchings families of Poplar Lake (929 ROW).

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The Avenue of Nations Business Association fonds
CA EDM MS-1212 · Arquivo · 1989 - 1999

The fonds consists of the records of the Avenue of Nations Business Association from its creation until its disestablishment by City Bylaw. The records include minutes, agendas, budgets, project files, and photographs of events held or attended by the Association. These events included Annual General Meetings, Heritage Days Parades, Children’s Carnivals, Lunar New Year Celebrations. and Green Day Cleanup events. Also included are two street lamp banners bearing the Avenue of Nations logo that were hung on street lamps in the BRZ when the Association was active.

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Reed's China and Gift Shop fonds
CA EDM MS-243 · Arquivo · 1905 - 1955

The fonds consists records and photographs created or accumulated by the Reed or Clarke families of Reed’s Fine China and Gifts.
The photographs include interiors and exteriors of Reed’s stores as well as photos of William Reed, Russell Clarke and some members of their families and staff.
Item List:

  • a blank sales bill with the original store name “Reed’s Tea & Bazaar Store, Phone 1783, 102-104-106-108 Jasper Ave West”
  • Ledger - Monthly cash book November 1905-December 1908 (with initial note: ‘Edmonton, November 25th, 1905, W.H. Reed this day commences business’).
  • Article: “A Store at the Gateway of Tomorrow: All About a Well Known Western Gift Store”, Gift Buyer, Vol. 5, No. 2, April 1943 (photocopy).
  • Article: “How We Brought China and Glass to Alberta in 1905”, Gift Buyer, Vol. 17, No. 11, November 1955 (photocopy).
    The records include references to Russell Francis Clarke, William Henry Reed, Reed's Fair and Reed's Tea and Bazaar
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Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues fonds
CA EDM MS-491 · Arquivo · 1920 - 2002

This fonds consists of the records of the EFCL and is arranged in the following series:

  • Series 1 - Administration. This series consists of the operating records of the EFCL offices including minutes, agendas, financial information, correspondence, reports, contracts, and fundraising from 1922 to 2005 with most of the records dating from 1970 to 1980.
  • Series 2 - Community Leagues. This series contains records collected by the EFCL regarding their constituent community leagues. The records collected from each community league differ but generally include leases, membership information, and correspondence. The records in this series are predominantly from the period between 1965 to 1980.
  • Series 3 - Committees. This series consists of the files from the committees the EFCL either led or was a part of from 1971 to 1999. Other material has been added where the EFCL gathered the files for information purposes.
  • Series 4 - Programs. This series collects programs, events, and awards ceremonies held by the EFCL from 1920 to 1999 with a majority of the records originating from between 1970 to 1990.
  • Series 5 - Legal. This series collects documents pertaining to legal matters the EFCL was directly involved in as a litigant or on the behalf of the communities involved in the case. Most material pertains to the Rossdale Unit 11 case or to Inland Cement’s change in fuel types.
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