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CA EDM MS-1037-EA-500 · Dossier · 1906-1915
Fait partie de Edmonton Chamber of Commerce fonds

The file consists of one photo album (60 pages, 61 images) of photographs taken by Byron-May for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce to promote Edmonton in the early twentieth century as an up-and-coming city.
For descriptions of each photograph, see EA-500 photographs online.

1911 Edmonton Bulletin Special Edition
CA EDM MS-1071-1 · Dossier · 1911
Fait partie de Edmonton Bulletin fonds

The Edmonton Bulletin hired advertising specialist C.A. Violette of San Francisco to conduct an advertising campaign to create this Special Edition which was used to promote Edmonton as an up-and-coming city, and includes descriptions of businesses, businessmen, and industries, as well as descriptions of the social, economic, military and artistic scenes in Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area.

All of the photographs used in the publication were created by the Byron-May Company (EB-26).

Strathcona: A Stroll Through History
CA EDM MS-113-3-119 · Dossier · 1989
Fait partie de Old Strathcona Foundation fonds

This file consists of a VHS copy of "Strathcona: A Stroll Through History." The video was created as part of the Old Strathcona Foundation's mandate to promote and preserve the history of Strathcona through educational work. This VHS was digitized on 2022 December 1.

CA EDM MS-1192-EB-23 · Dossier · 1906 - 1917
Fait partie de Byron, May Family fonds

The file consists of one photo album (26 pages, 121 images) taken by Byron and May. Many of the photographs were part of their business, including commissioned images. The album also includes photographs of the Percy Byron and Gustave May families.

For descriptions of each photograph, see EB-23 photographs online in Series 1 to 3 of MS-1192.

CA EDM MS-1210-47 · Dossier · [196- - 197-]
Fait partie de Karen Rowswell collection

This file consists of 18 posters relating to local and global advocacy surrounding the women's rights, pro-communism, and anti-war movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

Curfew for Men
CA EDM MS-1210-9 · Dossier · [198-]
Fait partie de Karen Rowswell collection

This file contains posters outlining a mock public notice proclaiming a curfew for all men.