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Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers' Association (NAPOTA) fonds
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Start Of War-Some 19th Alberta Dragoons and Edmonton Fusiliers and Friends

L to R standing front row: J.W. Tipton, David A. Ferris, Kenneth Edmiston, James Bisset, James A. Church, Charles F. Butler, Mr. Caios? (likely Stanley W. Caws), Mr. Tool, Hercules Robinson, Mr. Cavanaugh; L to R standing second row, on steps: A.E. Hopkins, Herbert M. Dawson, William A. Griesbach, Frederick C. Jamieson, William A. Watson, Charles Y. Weaver, Mr. Holland, Mr. Gillespie, J.G. Anderson, Mr. Saunders, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Baldwin, John G. Harrison, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Wrackman; L to R, standing in back; Mr. McLeod, Mr. Sommervile, Richard G. Hardisty, Jellet St. George, Walter R. Scott; R.W. Fisher, Leslie Wallace, S. Jennings, E. Ferris, A. Harvey, H. Milton Martin

The Moore-McNeill Wedding Celebration

At the home of Jock & Jeanie McNeill, 9907 - 108 Street. Standing front row L to R: William McNeill (uncle of the bride), John 'Jock' McNeill (father of the bride), Billy McNeill (best man), Margaret Stevenson (maid of honour), Rev. Kenneth W. Barton, Dan Moore (groom), Mary McNeill (bride), Jeanie McNeill (mother of the bride). See article in Edmonton Bulletin, July 17, 1920.

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