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Hubert A. Hollingworth fonds
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Glass Slide Photographs

This series consists of photographs originally created by others or from books, which Hubert Hollingworth re-photographed onto glass slide negatives. These were possibly used by Hollingworth for presentations on glass slides. The images cover a variety of subjects including religion and missionary work, farm animals, medical education, images of the reconstruction of England after WWII, Indigenous people, the Canadian West including Saskatchewan, Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains, and Quebec.

The majority of the religious images belonged to missionary Charles O. Bowen, a Welsh immigrant. The images consist of nature photographs, often mountain scenes with a biblical scripture or hymn transposed on them.
Another contributor of the religious images was Miss Cork, a missionary who worked in Africa.

Some of the medical education images can be attributed to professors from the University of Alberta including Dr. Evan Greene, Dr. Ralph Faust Shaner and Dr. Maxwell Mordecai Cantor.
Dr. Evan Greene (1873-1966), a surgeon and anatomist, was one of Alberta’s earliest doctors. The subject of his slides is anatomy.
Dr. Ralph Faust Shaner (1893-1976) was an anatomist, professor and head of the University of Alberta’s Department of Anatomy. His images represent many of the course that he taught such as histology, embryology and neuroanatomy.
Dr. Maxwell Mordecai Cantor (1903-1981) was the provincial coroner and a biochemist at the University of Alberta. Dr. Cantor’s images are of the pathology of disease.

Jasper Avenue

Looking west from 99 Street
Buildings: McLeod Building, C.P.R. Building, Agency Building, Hart Block, Guarantee Trust

An Indigenous gathering

View of a gathering in an unnamed urban area; a man dressed in Indigenous traditional clothing is in the foreground, while other traditionally dressed Indigenous individuals are in the background. Behind them is a large group of general public onlookers.

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