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City of Edmonton Archives Collection
CA EDM RG-200 · Collection · [ca.1880] -

This collection consists of records collected by the City of Edmonton Archives which were intended to be used as reference material for researchers.

The collection consists of 11 series:

  • Series 1: Clippings Files
  • Series 2: Newspapers on Microfilm
  • Series 3: Edmonton Directories
  • Series 4: Aerial Photographs
  • Series 5: Reference Collections
  • Series 6: Fire Insurance Plans
  • Series 7: Oral History Interviews
  • Series 8: Map Collection
  • Series 9: Government Reports
  • Series 10: Periodicals
  • Series 11: Poster Collection
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Clippings files
CA EDM RG-200-1 · Série · [ca. 1880 - 2013]
Fait partie de City of Edmonton Archives Collection

In the 1940s, the Archives and Landmarks Committee, together with the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timer’s Association, began keeping subject based clippings files. Another collection of clippings files was started by the Legislative Library, donated to the Provincial Archives of Alberta and then transferred to the Archives and Landmarks Committee. When it was formed in 1971, the City of Edmonton Archives took over the Committee’s textual collections, including the clippings files. The Archives continued to add to the clippings files until 2017.

Over the years, diverse arrays of materials ranging from original documents to publications were kept in these files. This type of cataloguing was common, however archival best practice has moved away from this method. Many archives no longer maintain clippings files and when they do, they generally contain only published materials.

Currently, there are three distinct types of material located within the City of Edmonton Archives Clippings Files:

  • Clippings: Materials removed, or clipped, from a larger piece, usually a newspaper or periodical.

  • Ephemera: Materials, usually printed documents, created for a specific, limited purpose, and generally designed to be discarded after use. Examples include advertisements, tickets, brochures, and receipts.

  • Discrete Item: An item, usually unique and original, that is not part of a larger body of material (e.g., a fonds or collection). Repositories sometimes acquire materials that do not form a part of a larger fonds, collection or series. Context of creation, accumulation and use may or may not be known and, even if they are known, no other materials of the same provenance may be held by the repository. At the City of Edmonton Archives some discrete items were once part of a larger body and were moved to a clippings file.

This series consists of over 26,000 clipping files. The series has been divided into the following subseries:

  • Subseries 1: Biography clippings files
  • Subseries 2: City clippings files
  • Subseries 3: General clippings files
City clippings files
CA EDM RG-200-1-2 · Sous-série · [ca. 1880 - 2013]
Fait partie de City of Edmonton Archives Collection

This sub-series consists of over 2000 clippings files related to business units in the City of Edmonton. It also includes files on municipal elections, mayors and council, City facilities and parks, roads, utilities, unions, awards, programs and services, and neighbourhoods.

General clippings files
CA EDM RG-200-1-3 · Sous-série · [ca. 1880 - 2013]
Fait partie de City of Edmonton Archives Collection

This sub-series consists of over 14,000 clippings files that relate to a variety of topics. These include, but are not limited to: buildings, businesses, cultural communities, events, festivals, industry, organizations and clubs, rural areas, schools, and sports.

CA EDM RG-200-10 · Série · 1906-2024
Fait partie de City of Edmonton Archives Collection

This series consists of periodicals in the City of Edmonton Archives' collection. The material comes from a variety of sources and is arranged alphabetically by title.

The Camsell Arrow
CA EDM RG-200-10-1 · Sous-série · 1948 - 1969
Fait partie de City of Edmonton Archives Collection

The Camsell Arrow and Pictorial was a publication of the staff and patients of the Charles Camsell Hospital. Included in the publication are articles and letters about current events, tuberculosis treatment procedures, home and lifestyle suggestions related to health, and letters from patients about their time at the hospital. Also included are photographs of patients, illustrations and cartoons.

This series contains digitized issues of the Camsell Arrow and Pictorial that were collected by the Archives from a variety of donors.