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CA EDM RG-8 · Fonds · 1892 - 2016

Fonds consists of minutes, reports, correspondence, invoices, clippings, scrapbooks, bylaws, contracts, minutes, and records relating to voter and census enumeration.

An order has been imposed on the material. The arrangement includes multiple series. The first 10 (RG-8.0 - RG-8.9) were processed in the 1970s and 1980s. Due to the size of the collection, the processing archivist decided to create a new division for each accession. From the 1990s the records were processed and arranged based on function, as reflected from RG-8.10 onwards.

  • RG-8.0: The Papers of the Edmonton Town/City Secretary (1892-1912)
  • RG-8.1: Edmonton Financial Accounts (1892-1915)
  • RG-8.2: Debenture (1897)
  • RG-8.3: Office of the City Clerk (1891-1913)
  • RG-8.4: Election Scrapbooks (1918-1963)
  • RG-8.5: Bylaws regarding Royal Visits (1939-1951)
  • RG-8.6: Office of the City Clerk (1935-1972)
  • RG-8.7: Public Affairs Committee (1968-1973)
  • RG-8.8: Office of the City Clerk (1969-1974)
  • RG-8.9: Office of the City Clerk (1965-1973)
  • RG-8.10: Special Committee Reports of the City Clerk (1907-1966)
  • RG-8.11: Civic Elections and Census Enumeration (1895-1974)
  • RG-8.12: Bylaws (1892-2014)
  • RG-8.13: Contracts (1893-1989)
  • RG-8.14: Minutes (1892-1991)
  • RG-8.15: Committee Minutes
  • RG-8.16: Bylaw Committee Reports
  • RG-8.17: Finance Committee Reports
  • RG-8.18: Reports and Publications
  • RG-8.19: Petitions
  • RG-8.20: Executive Committee
  • RG-8.21: Rules and Procedures Committee
  • RG-8.22: Procedures Review Committee
  • RG-8.23: Airport Study Committee
  • RG-8.24: Audit Committee
  • RG-8.25: Land Sales Committee
  • RG-8.26: Legislative Committee
  • RG-8.27: Utilities and Engineering Committee
  • RG-8.28: Economic Affairs Committee
  • RG-8.29: Council Communications
  • RG-8.30: City Crest Committee
  • RG-8.31: Edmonton Coronation Celebration Committee
Office of the City Clerk
RG-8-8.31 · Series · 1937
Part of City of Edmonton. Office of the City Clerk fonds

The coronation of George VI and his wife Elizabeth as King and Queen of the United Kingdom took place May 12, 1937. In preparation, a meeting was held by the City of Edmonton March 10, 1937 to discuss a suitable form of celebration for the occasion. The Edmonton Coronation Celebration Committee was thus established, charged with formulating the plans for the observance and celebration of the event. This series contains minutes, correspondence, and financial records of the Committee and it's various subcommittees.

CA EDM RG-8-8.11 · Series · 1895 - 2013
Part of City of Edmonton. Office of the City Clerk fonds

This series consists of the records created by the Office of the City Clerk relating to local elections. The material has been arranged into the following subseries:

  • Subseries 1: Published Voters' Lists
  • Subseries 2: Original Ledgers
  • Subseries 3: Maps
  • Subseries 4: Ballot Samples
  • Subseries 5: Operational Records
Civic Elections and Census Enumeration
Published Voters' Lists
CA EDM RG-8-8.11-1 · Subseries · 1908, 1911 - 1992
Part of City of Edmonton. Office of the City Clerk fonds

This subseries consists of published copies of voters' and burgesses' lists produced from the original ledgers used to gather the information from districts across the City of Edmonton. The published copies amalgamate multiple districts into fewer ledgers, usually three to five, depending on the year. The published copies also incorporate any revisions or edits that may have been made to the information drawn from the original ledgers and were used as reference copies. They include information including the name, address, burgess status (i.e. if they owned property), and which school board they supported (Public of Separate).

Original Ledgers
CA EDM RG-8-8.11-2 · Subseries · 1895 - 1987, 1945 - 1974
Part of City of Edmonton. Office of the City Clerk fonds

This subseries consists of the original ledgers used to record information regarding Civic Elections and Census Enumeration throughout the City of Edmonton's polling districts. Each ledger corresponds to one polling district within the City and were carried by City staff to each address in the district to record information regarding the occupants. The ledgers from 1945 onwards include name, address, if they are a British subject, if they own property, their section of either Protestant of Catholic for school taxes, their marital status, the name of their employer, the number of people in the residence under the age of 21 and their gender, and the type of dwelling in which they reside.

CA EDM RG-8-8.11-3 · Subseries · 1914, 1945 - 2009
Part of City of Edmonton. Office of the City Clerk fonds

This subseries contains maps that were used by the Office of the City Clerk in its function administering civic elections and census enumeration. In addition to voting and census maps, land use maps and maps of neighborhood and community league boundaries are also included.