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Group portraits

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Group portraits

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Group portraits

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Old Timers

Possibly an early group to the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers' Association.

Edmonton Historical Board - Centennial Year 1967

Front row, l to r: Christina McKnight, Elsie Park Gowan, H.G. Ward, J.A. Beckingham, James F. Falconer, Mrs. Ross Stanley, Reg Horner; Back row, l to r: Cec Purves, A.V. Pettigrew, W.G. Sears, J. Janzen. In the main room of the Historical Exhibits Building, 101st Street & 106 Avenue. Note: on the walls are some of the paintings, maps and rolled maps that are in the Archives' collection.

McKay Avenue School - Grade 7 Class

Batson, Nellie; Butcher, Ruth; Carmichael, Bill; Crafts, Cliff; Field, Richard; Forin, Jack; Foster, Roy; Geddes, Elsie; Hamby, Calvin; Horner, Vic; Horrocks, Winnifred; Hutchings, Olive; Jaffray, Steward; Jones, Hazel; Kelly, Queena; Lee, Margaret; McCappin, Bruce; McCualey, Jim; McKitrick, Olive; McKitrick, Winnifred; McLennan, Susie; Pheasy, Mamie; Ponton, Pat; Simonson, Hannah; Smith, Paul; Turnbull, Crawford; Wood, Emma

Ottewell Brothers

Back row - Wil, Arthur, George; Front row - Fred (twin), Cedric, Frank (twin)
Names: Ottewell, Arthur; Ottewell, Cedric; Ottewell, Frank; Ottewell, Fred; Ottewell, George; Ottewell, Wil

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