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Soldiers in France - W.W.I

C.Q.M.S of 1st CMR, taken near Arras, France.
Back row L to R: A. Pettitt, J. Webb, C.H. Goodridge
Front row L to R: H. Illingworth, J. Meldrum

Garneau & Brady Children

Grandchildren of Eleanor and Laurent Garneau.

Back row L to R : Oscar Garneau, Jim Brady, Edward Garneau, Laurence Garneau, Harold Garneau, Louis Garneau, Alf Garneau;
Middle row L to R: Charlotte Garneau, Mary Mabel Garneau, Millie Garneau, Ann Brady, ? (baby on lap), Eleanor Garneau, Leo Garneau, Jeanne Brady;
Front row L to R: ? (baby on floor), Yvonne Savard, Rose Garneau.

Note: The two babies are not identified but are likely J. Redmond Brady and Mildred (Millie) Garneau.

Garneau Family

Back row L to R: Larry, Louis, Agatha, Alex, Charlotte, Archange
Front row L to R: Edward (Ned), Eleanor (Mother), Millie, John, Laurent (Father)

Note: eldest daughter Victoria is not in the photo, as she died in 1899.

Garneau Wedding

Wedding of Edward (Ned) Garneau and Mabel Mary Mooney.

L to R: ? , Ned Garneau, Mabel Mooney, Nelly Mooney

Garneau Grandchildren

The series consists of a photograph of the grandchildren of Laurent and Eleanor Garneau, includes the following families:

Children of Louis Garneau – Louis, Millie, Rose.
Children of Ned Garneau – Laurence, Edward, Mary Mabel
Children of Archange Garneau Brady – Anne, James, Eleanor, Jean
Children of Alexander Garneau – Harold, Oscar, Charlotte
Children of John Garneau – Robert Elphage (Alf), Leo, Mildred (Millie)
Child of Millicent Garneau Savard - Yvonne

Louis Garneau Family

Clive Picnic

Hannah Magee far left.
Likely some students from the Clive school.

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