Fondo RG-6 - City of Edmonton. Office of the Mayor fonds

William Hawrelak Elmer E. Roper Vincent Dantzer Ivor Dent Terry Cavanagh Cec Purves

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City of Edmonton. Office of the Mayor fonds

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  • 1945 - 1989 (Creación)
    Office of the Mayor

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6 m of textual records and other material

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Historia administrativa

Prior to Edmonton’s incorporation as a Town in 1892, the area was governed by the Territorial Government. The area was also influenced by the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Northwest Mounted Police, as well as local citizens and citizen-run organizations.

On January 9, 1892 the Territorial Government assented to Ordinance No. 7 of 1891-1892: An Ordinance to Incorporate the Town of Edmonton. The incorporation of the Town became official when Edmontonians elected their first Mayor and Council on February 10th of that year.

The Mayor serves as the chief executive officer of the municipality. The Mayor performs the same legislative duties as the other elected officials on Council, providing direction, control, and planning of civic activities. The Mayor is required to preside over all council meetings when in attendance, provide leadership to council, represent Edmonton at functions and events, and can attend and vote in all committee meetings.

The Office of the Mayor is responsible for helping to implement the vision set out by the Mayor and ensuring the business of the office runs smoothly, from attending and following up on key meetings to helping shape city policy to scheduling the Mayor’s attendance at various events.

List of Edmonton Mayors (and terms):

  1. Matthew McCauley (1893-1895)
  2. Herbert Charles Wilson (1895-1986)
  3. Cornelius Gallagher (1896)
  4. John Alexander McDougall (1896-1897)
  5. William S. Edmiston (1897-1899)
  6. Kenneth W. MacKenzie (1899-1901)
  7. William Short (1901-1904)
  8. Kenneth W. MacKenzie (1904-1905)
  9. Charles May (1905-1906)
  10. William Antrobus Griesbach (1906-1907)
  11. John Alexander McDougall (1907-1908)
  12. Robert Lee (1908-1910)
  13. George S. Armstrong (1910-1912)
  14. William Short (1912-1913)
  15. William J. McNamara (1913-1914)
  16. William Thomas Henry (1914-1917)
  17. Harry Marshall Erskine Evans (1917-1918)
  18. Joseph Clarke (1918-1920)
  19. David Milwyn Duggan (1920-1923)
  20. Kenneth Blatchford (1923-1926)
  21. Ambrose Bury (1926-1929)
  22. James McCrie Douglas (1929-1931)
  23. Dan Knott (1931-1934)
  24. Joseph Clarke (1934-1937)
  25. John Wesley Fry (1937-1945)
  26. Harry Ainlay (1945-1949)
  27. Sidney Parsons (1949-1951)
  28. William Hawrelak (1951-1959)
  29. Frederick John Mitchell (1959)
  30. Elmer Ernest Roper (1959-1963)
  31. William Hawrelak (1963-1965)
  32. Vincent Dantzer (1965-1968)
  33. Ivor Dent (1968-1974)
  34. William Hawrelak (1974-1975)
  35. Terry Cavanaugh (1975-1977)
  36. Cec Purves (1977-1983)
  37. Laurence Decore (1983-1988)
  38. Terry Cavanaugh (1988-1989)
  39. Jan Reimer (1989-1995)
  40. Bill Smith (1995-2004)
  41. Stephen Mandel (2004-2013)
  42. Don Iveson (2013-Present)

Historial de custodia

Alcance y contenido

This fonds consists of minutes, reports, correspondence, speeches, and other records relating to the functions performed by the Mayor of Edmonton that were sent to the City of Edmonton Archives by the Mayor's Office

An order has been imposed on the material. Files are arranged in alphabetically while material within the files are arranged chronologically. Wherever possible original file titles were retained.

The arrangement includes 9 series, which are as follows:

  • Series 1: Harry Ainlay
  • Series 2: Sidney Parsons
  • Series 3: William Hawrelak
  • Series 4: Elmer Roper
  • Series 5: Vincent Dantzer
  • Series 6: Ivor Dent
  • Series 7: Terry Cavanaugh
  • Series 8: Cecil Purves
  • Series 9: Laurence Decore

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This material was transferred to the City of Edmonton Archives between 1970 and 2016.


The photographs were assigned item numbers with the prefix EA-353.
The artwork was assigned item numbers EAA-35 and EAA-115.

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  • inglés

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There are no restrictions on access.

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Copyright may apply.
Reproduction restrictions may apply.

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See also:
William A. Griesbach fonds (PAA PR-1035), McDougall Family fonds (PAA PR-0237), A. U. G. Bury fonds (PAA PR-1581), Jan Reimer fonds (PAA PR-2754) at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.


Further accruals are expected.

Nota general

Accession numbers: A74-9, A74-55, A75-25, A76-27, A77-70, A78-104, A78-139, A79-18, A80-99, A82-50, A83-67, A86-52, A89-99 a, A2002-1, A2016-22, A2016-165

Descripción física

This fonds also includes 16 photographs, 1 photo album, and multiple pieces of art and other mayors' gifts, including EAA-35-1, EAA-115-1, EAA-115-2, and EAA-115-3.

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City of Edmonton Archives

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