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Garage Parking

Police Headquarters Building - Opening Day.
From a photo album presented to His Worship Mayor E.E. Roper by Chief Constable M.F.E. Anthony, to Commemorate the Official Opening of the Police Headquarters Building, Edmonton, Alberta.

The First Car In Town - A Maxwell

  • CA EDM MS-126-EA-190-8
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [ca. 1912]
  • Parte deSophie Bell fonds

  • A Maxwell car, likely the Bell family car, see EA-190-11.
  • It is not known which town the caption is referring to, as the first car in Edmonton arrived in 1903 and was a Model A Ford.

Family Car By the High Level Bridge Under Construction

  • CA EDM MS-126-EA-190-11
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [ca. 1912]
  • Parte deSophie Bell fonds

  • In the car, front seat - driver is David Bell (husband of Sophie Bell) and Harry Close with 2 sons.
  • In the car, back seat - Sophie Bell, Mrs. H. Close and Mrs. Drury (Mrs. Close's mother).
  • The car is the same car as in EA-190-8.
  • Compare the bridge construction to EA-190-2 and EA-190-9.

Kline's car

Automobile belonging to H.B. Kline. Herman Bernard Kline moved to Edmonton from Montreal. He opened his store, H.B. Kline's and Sons Ltd., around 1904.

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