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Magee Family

  • AR-MS-439
  • Family
  • [ca. 1833]-1962

Black, Mary Magee 1864-1947
Haigler, Henrietta Magee 1879-1962
Magee, Charles 1877-1954
Magee, Elizabeth 1874-[19--]
Magee, Frederick 1881-1955
Magee, James [ca. 1833]-1893
Magee, James (Jr) 1866-1896
Magee, Jane (Jenny) 1860-1938
Magee, Jessica 1869-1952
Magee, Hannah (Hazel) 1871-1962
Magee, Nelson 1873-1951
Magee, Sophia Jamieson [ca. 1835]-1898
Magee, William 1862-1955

Sophia Jamieson and James Magee lived in Blythe, Huron County, Ontario. They had 12 children between 1860 and 1881 – Jane, William, Mary, James, Jessica, Hannah, Nelson, Elizabeth, Charles, Henrietta, Frederick and a daughter that died in infancy.

Following the death of patriarch James Magee in 1893, Sophia and some of her children moved west to Alberta. Over the next few years, more of the adult children moved from Ontario to Alberta. By 1898 all but three of Sophia’s children had moved to Alberta. James, Elizabeth, and Charles remained in Ontario.

In Alberta, William, Nelson, and Frederick all took homesteads. Mary, Jessica, and Henrietta all married. Jane remained single and was a dressmaker. Hannah also remained single and was a school teacher.

Black, Mary Magee

  • AR-MS-439-S-4
  • Person
  • 1864-1947

Mary Magee was born in 1864 to Sophia Jamieson and James Magee in Blyth, Huron County, Ontario. It is not known exactly when Mary came out west, but it is suspected she was one of the earlier Magee family members to move to Alberta. Initially Mary lived with her brother Nels (Nelson) and later with other brother William.

In 1904 Mary married Robert Black. They homesteaded near Devon at Sec 22, Tp 51, R 25, W4. Mary and Robert had no children. Later Robert and Mary moved to the Edmonton area and lived at 6422 – 106 Street. In later years Mary’s sisters, Jenny and Hannah, also lived at this address.

Mary Magee Black died 11 Feb 1947 and is buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Magee, James

  • AR-MS-439-S-5
  • Person
  • 1866-1896

James Magee was born about 1866 to Sophia Jamieson and James Magee in Blyth, Huron County, Ontario.

James remained in Ontario while his mother and many of siblings moved west to Alberta following the death of his father. James farmed in the Huron County area in Ontario.

James Magee died 8 Jul 1896 in Huron County, Ontario.

Magee, Hannah

  • AR-MS-439-S-6
  • Person
  • 1871-1962

Hannah Magee was born 27 Jan 1871 to Sophia Jamieson and James Magee in Blyth, Huron County, Ontario. She attended Blyth Public School and later the Clinton and Goderich High Schools.

Hannah first taught in Ontario, in Blyth, Cranbrook, and Muskoka, before going to the Ottawa Normal School in 1898. Later that same year she moved west to Alberta, first living with her brother William and other siblings in what was then known as the Rabbit Hill settlement.

Hannah’s first school in Alberta was Star in Fort Saskatchewan in the fall of 1898. From 1899 to 1901 she taught at Melrose, near Calgary. In 1902 she returned to the Edmonton area, teaching in Edmonton District schools, including Sandy Lake, Otoskwan, East Edmonton and White Mud. Then Hannah taught around the Lacombe district, including schools at Clive and Eclipse.

In 1922, she taught in schools within the city of Edmonton, notably Oliver and Highlands. Hannah lived in the Magee family residence at 6422 – 106 Street. Hannah, later known as Hazel, retired from teaching in 1934.

Hannah (Hazel) Magee died 5 May 1962 and is buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Haigler, Henrietta Magee

  • AR-MS-439-S-7
  • Person
  • 1879-1962

Henrietta Sophia Magee was born 3 Mar 1879 to Sophia Jamieson and James Magee in Blyth, Huron County, Ontario. She moved to Alberta sometime between 1891 and 1900, initially living with her brother William and other siblings in the Rabbit Hill area of Edmonton.

In 1901 Henrietta married William Haigler in Strathcona. The wedding was hosted by Henrietta's sister and brother-in-law, Jessica and William Reynolds. Henrietta and William homesteaded on land east of Smoky Lake, Alberta, in Tp 59, R 13, W4, and had three children – Lawrence, William and Lilla.

Henrietta Magee Haigler died 13 Jan 1962 in Edmonton. She is buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Magee, Bill

  • AR-MS-439-S-3
  • Person
  • 1862-1955

William, known as Bill, Magee was born 23 May 1862 to Sophia Jamieson and James Magee in Blyth, Huron County, Ontario. He came west to Alberta in 1895 and filed for a homestead at Rabbit Hill. However he was attracted to adventure so he left for the Klondike on the ‘Trail of 98’ (1898). Unfortunately there was a great deal of illness over the winter due to the shortage of fresh food and Bill returned the following year without any gold.

In 1904, Bill married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Shaw and they settled on a homestead, S ½ Sec 34, Tp 44, Rg 19, in the Albury, Alberta district. Their daughter Lucy was born in 1905. Lizzie died the following year. Following the death of his wife, Bill arranged for baby Lucy to be raised by Lizzie’s sister, Victoria. Bill kept the homestead but did not farm it himself. He rented out his homestead and went to work on his brother’s Nels farm near Bawlf, Alberta. Bill retired from active farming in 1919. When daughter Lucy married in 1926, she and her husband, Stuart Lockhart, took over the homestead.

In 1943 Bill suffered a stroke and was then confined to hospital for many years.

William (Bill) Magee died 23 Jun 1955 in Edmonton and is buried at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Magee, Jenny

  • AR-MS-439-S-2
  • Person
  • 1860-1938

Jane, known as Jenny, Magee was born in 1860 to Sophia Jamieson and James Magee in Blyth, Huron County, Ontario. It is not known exactly when Jenny came out west, but it is suspected she was one of the earlier Magee family members to move to Alberta.

Jenny worked as a dressmaker and never married. By 1916 she is living at 6422 – 106 Street with her sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Robert Black. In later years, other Magee siblings are also living at this house.

Jenny Magee died 28 Dec 1938 in Edmonton.

Magee, Sophia Jamieson

  • AR-MS-439-S-1
  • Person
  • [ca. 1835]-1898

Sophia Jamieson was born about 1835 to Jane Whiteford and Patrick Jamieson in Ireland. By 1851 Sophia had emigrated to Canada with her parents and four siblings – Mary, Alexander, Bridget, and John. The family lived in Biddulph, Huron County, Ontario.

In the late 1850’s, Sophia married James Magee. James was a farmer and they lived in Blyth, Huron County, Ontario. Between 1860 and 1881, they had 12 children – Jane (Jenny), William (Bill), Mary, James, Jessica, Hannah (Hazel), Nelson, Elizabeth, Charles, Henrietta, Frederick and a daughter that died in infancy.

Following her husband’s death in 1893, Sophia moved west to Alberta with some of her children. The family initially settled in the Strathcona area. Eventually she lived with her son Nelson and his family, in the area then known as Rabbit Hill Settlement (now south Edmonton).

Sophia James Magee died 31 Jul 1898 in Rabbit Hill Settlement.

Byron, May Family

  • AR-MS-1192
  • Family
  • 1878-2001

Byron, Elizabeth (Betty) 1909-1986
Byron, Grace 1913-1995
Byron, Jane 1916-1920
Byron, Joseph 1915-2007
Byron, Louise Marrin 1884-1956
Byron, Percy 1878-1959
May, Florence Byron 1880-1956
May, Gilbert 1906-2001
May, George 1915-1990
May, Gustave 1881-1943
May, Gustave Jr. 1910-1964
May, Joseph 1908-1983

Percy Byron arrived in Edmonton from New York in April 1906 with the intention of ranching or farming. However he quickly realized there were no ‘photographic engraving’ businesses in the area at the time and he saw an opportunity. Within twenty-four hours of arriving in Edmonton, he arranged to have a ‘complete photographic engraving plant’ sent to Edmonton, and by August he was producing photographic images.

The following year, Percy’s brother-in-law, Gustave May, joined him in Edmonton and the Byron-May Company was formed. The photography and photographic engraving business was quite successful for the next decade, enjoying many commissions and professional accolades (see Edmonton Bulletin 1911 Anniversary Edition, p. 75).

Florence Byron, Percy’s sister who had married Gustave May in 1905, joined him in Edmonton with their infant son, Joseph. Percy Byron married Louise Marrin in 1908 while on a visit to New York and his wife also came to Edmonton. Both families enjoyed prosperity and success in Edmonton. Florence and Gustave May had three more children. Percy and Louise Byron had four children in Edmonton.

However, the Byron-May Company fell on hard times with the coming of World War I and the business was sold to McDermid Engraving in 1917. Both the Byron and May families returned to New York the following year.

Macdonald, Clifton Family

  • AR-MS-690
  • Family
  • 1843-current

Clifton, Faith Howay 1900-1959
Holland, Henry Francis 1843-1910
Holland, Selina Fraser 1853-1924
Macdonald, Alan Fraser 1913-1981
Macdonald, Brian [ca. 1947]-current
Macdonald, Bruce Fraser 1917-1985
Macdonald, Donald Walter 1865-1921
Macdonald, John Kenneth 1874-1945
Macdonald, Marguerite Irene Clifton 1919-2010
Macdonald, Therese Fraser Holland 1882-1976
McCuaig, Vernis Vera Clifton Christie 1921-2019

The Macdonald and Clifton families were prominent in the theatre, legal, and military communities in Edmonton.

Mickey and Alan Macdonald were a well-known Edmonton couple. Mickey was involved in the Edmonton theatre scene for nearly fifty years. Alan was also involved in the amateur theatre scene, went into law and eventually became the City Solicitor for the City of Edmonton. He was also in the military for World War II.

Both Alan’s father, John Kenneth Macdonald, and maternal grandfather, Henry Francis Holland, were lawyers.

Bruce Fraser Macdonald, Alan’s brother, was a decorated officer in the Canadian military, and served for nearly 30 years.

Both Mickey’s mother, Faith Clifton, and sister, Vernis McCuaig, were also very active in Edmonton’s theatre community.

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