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George, Ernest Scudamore

  • AR-MS-121
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1893-1962

Ernest Scudamore George was born in Calgary on 10 Feb 1893. His father was a doctor and the family moved to Red Deer in 1907 where George attended school. Ernest George worked for the Northern Crown Bank (later the Royal Bank of Canada) and he was transferred to Edmonton during the World War I. He later worked as a chartered accountant in private practice and for the provincial government as an auditor and the federal government as an excise tax auditor. His federal territory extended from Lacombe AB to the Peace River country of Alberta and British Columbia.

Ernest George was a member of numerous social and historical groups, including the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association and the Historical Society of Alberta, for which he served as Treasurer and contributed articles to its periodical, the Alberta Historical Review.

Ernest married Marie Beatrice Gertrude MacDonald, a widow, in the 1930s.
Ernest S. George died on 16 Aug 1962 and he is buried at the Westlawn Memorial Gardens cemetery in Edmonton.

Staroszik, Lillian

  • AR-RG-15-S-2
  • Pessoa coletiva

Lillian J. Staroszik was elected Alderman for Edmonton's Ward 5 in four consecutive elections, holding office between 1983 and 1995. She came in third in the 1995 election, only a few hundred votes shy of the newly elected Ward 5 Councilors Larry Langley and Brent Maitson.

Office of the Councillors

  • AR-RG-15
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1892 -

Since Edmonton was established as a Town in 1892 municipal affairs have been governed by an elected Mayor and Council. Between 1892 and 1903, while Edmonton was a town in the Northwest Territories, Council was composed of a mayor and six aldermen. This was expanded to a mayor and eight aldermen in 1904. In 1912 the number of aldermen increased to 10, evenly divided between north and south of the river. This system continued, until 1924 when all aldermen were elected at large. By 1933 Council makeup was once again divided between north and south of the river (though no longer evenly), with the south side numbers increasing over time. In 1964 the number of aldermen was increased yet again to 12.

In 1971 a ward system was introduced, whereby Edmonton was divided into four wards, each represented by three aldermen. In 1980 this was changed to six wards, each with two aldermen. In 1995 the term aldermen was changed to councillors. In 2010 the system changed again, with the City now being divided into 12 wards, each represented by a single councillor.

McLean, William Douglas

  • AR-RG-15-S-5
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1931-

William (Bill) Douglas McLean was born in Edmonton April 14, 1931. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Alberta in 1954, and a Master's Degree in Science from the University of Washington in 1960. He taught at Victoria Composite High School, and was active in municipal, provincial, and federal politics.

He ran unsuccessfully as an NDP candidate federally in 1962 and 1965, then provincially in 1967 and 1971. He first ran for municipal office as an Aldermanic candidate in 1968, then as a candidate in a by-election in 1970. He was finally elected to office as a City Alderman for Ward 3 in October 1971.

Prior to his election, McLean had served as the president of the Idylwylde Community League, and as their sports director for seven years, where he worked with Ivor Dent, who served as membership chairman. McLean was also Chairman of the Edmonton Exhibition Board's Urban Youth Committee.

McLean was defeated in the 1974 election, coming in sixth. While serving at City Hall, McLean continued working at Victoria Composite High School. After leaving politics, he returned to teach full time.

Taylor, Iain C.

  • AR-MS-127
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1943-current

Iain C. Taylor was born May 25, 1943. He was educated at the universities of Leeds (B.A. Hons., 1964), Toronto (M.A., 1966) and Liverpool (Ph.D., 1976) as a geographer, specializing in urban studies. While studying, he worked for the Ontario government, University Of Toronto and Seneca College, the University of Liverpool and Open University in England. In 1973, he became an original member of the faculty of Athabasca University when it was created as an institutional primarily focused on distance education.

Iain Taylor was involved in a number of community and political groups in Edmonton AB, including the Cromdale Community League (1974-1978), Action Edmonton, an community advocacy group on the design and construction of the Commonwealth Games stadium (1974-1976), a member of the Mayor's ad hoc Commonwealth Games Stadium Committee (1974-ca. 1979); and the Urban Reform Group Edmonton (URGE), a civic political party (Board member, 1976-1978, 1980-1981, President, 1977-1978). He ran unsuccessfully as an URGE candidate for alderman in 1980.

From 1991-1996, he was Chief Geographer, National Atlas of Canada (later Geomatics Canada) and Manager Conservation Programs, Atlantic Canada region, Environment Canada, 1996-1999. From 1995, he has been a land use and heritage property consultant, operating under the firm, North by Northwest, in Halifax NS.

Lake, Gertrude Doughty

  • AR-MS-134
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1898-1988

Gertrude Doughty, daughter of Charles George Doughty and Elizabeth Maidstone, was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England in 1898. She immigrated to Canada with her mother and siblings in 1907, arriving in Montreal and living briefly in Ontario.|She lived in Edmonton and worked for Alberta Government Telephones as a telephone operator from 1921 to 1938. Her sister Bessie Doughty also worked as a telephone operator for A.G.T.|She married Charles Everett Lake, a clerk with the Post Office, in 1939 or 1940. In 1942, they moved to 11506

Hutchinson, Gerald M.

  • AR-MS-132
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1914-2015

Gerald M. Hutchinson was born 23 Mar 1914 to Barbara and Lew Hutchinson. He grew up on a farm in Duhamel, Alberta
Gerald married Miriam ? in 1943 and they had three children, Ken, Beth and Rob. Gerald completed his divinity degree in 1943. He was ordained into the United Church of Canada. He went on to a long career at the provincial and national levels of the United Church, including congregations in Telfordvillle, Edinburgh, Edson, Grande Prairie and Grenada. Gerald and Miriam retired to Pigeon Lake, Alberta.

Gerald developed a keen interest in history, specializing in research relating to early Methodist missionary work in western Rupert's Land (now Alberta), including the work of Robert Terrill Rundle. His research was published in several papers and books. He was instrumental in the establishment and development of Rundle’s Mission in Pigeon Lake, where he was the Executive Director for many years.
Gerald M. Hutchinson died 14 Apr 2015.

Haines, Alfred Henry

  • AR-MS-136
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1863-1953

Alfred Henry Haines was born in 1864 to Margaret and Robert Haines in Ontario. Alfred married Isabella Catherine (‘Bella’) Buchanan 26 Feb 1890 in Middlesex County, Ontario. By 1894 the couple had moved to Edmonton where Albert worked at the Edmonton Bulletin.
Alfred and Isabella would have eight children, Pearl, Lillie, Amelia Gertrude, Lois, Alice, Alexander, Kenneth and Harry, with the first four children born in Edmonton.
The family remained in Edmonton from 1894 to 1903. He worked at the Edmonton Bulletin during that time. He then moved to Port Huron, Michigan and finally settled in Sarnia, Ontario, where Albert continued to work as a printer.
Alfred Henry Haines died 30 Jan 1953 in Sarnia. Isabella Buchanan Haines died 27 Jun 1959 in Sarnia. They are buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Sarnia, Ontario.

Daws, Charlotte

  • AR-MS-139
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1912-1996

Charlotte Daws was born 28 Dec 1912 to Charolotte O’Farrell and Charles Daws in Edmonton. Her father was killed in action during World War I, where two brothers also served. Another brother served in World War II.

She was a student at McDougall Commercial High School. She competed with the McDougall track and field team, and the Edmonton Olympic club team in running (100 yard, 220 yard, 60 m., 100 m. and relay) and broad jump (running and hop, step and jump), winning numerous medals. In 1930 she was a member of the Canadian team at the first British Empire Games in Hamilton, Ontario. She broke Alberta and national records in broad jump and 220 yard run, and tied the world record in the 60 m. dash with a time of 7.35 seconds.

Charlotte Daws later married, firstly, D. Coburn and, secondly, Alan Nevard. Charlotte and Alan lived in Vancouver BC, where Charlotte worked as a secretary.
Charlotte Daws Nevard died 15 Sep 1996.

McDougall, John Alexander

  • AR-MS-140
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1854-1928

John Alexander McDougall was born 20 May 1854 to Janet Cummings and Alexander J. McDougall in Oakwood, Ontario. After leaving school at the age of 13 he worked as a store clerk until he moved west in 1873, originally to Winnipeg MB. He returned to Ontario to marry Lovisa Jane Amey (1878-1942) in Cannington, Ontario on March 20, 1878. They had four children, Alice, John C., James and Edmond.
In 1879 John and Lovisa settled in Edmonton. McDougall first established himself as a fur trader in competition with the Hudson’s Bay Company. Then he set up as a general merchant in Edmonton, alone and, from 1897, in partnership with Richard Henry Secord, a local fur trader. Together, they established a trading and real estate investment business. This successful business is still active in Edmonton.
McDougall’s standing in the business community led him to establish the Edmonton Board of Trade, of which he was the first president. He was also a promoter and director of the first Edmonton Electric Light and Power Company.
John A. McDougall was elected an Edmonton alderman in 1894 and 1895. He served two terms as mayor in 1897 and 1908. In 1909 he won a seat as a Liberal MLA for Edmonton and he was a member of the first Senate of the University of Alberta.
John Alexander McDougall died 17 Dec 1928 in Edmonton, at the age of 74. Lovisa Amey McDougall died 19 Nov 1943 in Edmonton. They are buried in the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery.

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