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Uncle Ben's Exchange

  • AR-MS-214
  • Corporate body
  • 1913 - 1979

Benjamin Leibovitz [189-?] - 1981

Benjamin ‘Uncle Ben’ Leibovitz was born in Romania and emigrated to Edmonton via New York City in 1911. At some point during the First World War (1914-1918), an arranged marriage brought Benjamin’s wife, Ghizella Rolingher, also born in Romania, to Canada.

During his early years in Edmonton, Benjamin became well-known as a fur trader and outfitter throughout the area. His business, originally named Uncle Ben’s Store, grew through many iterations, including Uncle Ben’s Exchange after Jean Rolinger, Ghizella’s nephew, joined the business, and finally Uncle Ben’s Sporting Goods. The business also operated in several locations, including the Adam’s Building and Belmont Block.

Benjamin was involved in the building of the Jewish community of Edmonton. He was an active member of the Edmonton Zionist Club in the 1920’s, as well as member of the Beth Shalom Building Campaign Committee, and the Treasurer of the Building Finance Committee in 1951. Throughout his life, he was involved in the Talmud Torah, B’nai Brith, Beth Israel, and Beth Shalom congregations.

Benjamin continued daily operations of his business until his retirement in 1976. Uncle Ben’s Sporting Good eventually closed its doors and ceased operations in 1979. Benjamin Leibovitch died two years later, in 1981.

Small, Christopher Murray

  • AR-MS-79
  • Person
  • 1864-1927

Christopher Murray Small, known as Christie, was born 3 Sep 1864 to Margret Gourley and Matthew Small in Renfrew County, Ontario. Christie was originally a farmer and later became a lumber foreman in Pembroke, Ontario. He married Annie Ryan in 1892 in Pembroke, and they had six children - Effie, Mabel, Harry, Irene, Muriel and Alfred.

In 1912, he purchased land in Edmonton, in the area formerly known as Crescent Heights. As this time was one of Edmonton's building booms, and Christy did not move to Edmonton, presumably this purchase was for land speculation.

Christopher Murray Small died 15 Feb 1927 in Pembroke, Ontario.

Alberta Highland Dancing Association, Edmonton Branch

  • AR-MS-78
  • Corporate body
  • 1937 - current

The Alberta Highland Dancing Association was formed in 1937 and has subsequently been responsible for teaching dancers and organizing competitions. The Association endeavors to promote Scottish cultural traditions and identity through these events.

Edmonton Scottish Society

  • AR-MS-76
  • Corporate body
  • 1937 - current

The Edmonton Scottish Society was formed in 1937 after an amalgamation of the Caledonian Society and the St. Andrew’s Women’s Association. The Edmonton Scottish Society works to promote Scottish heritage through athletic, cultural, and social activities through its annual Highland Gathering.

Hutchings, Alfred

  • AR-MS-122
  • Person
  • 1851-1905

Alfred Hutchings was born in Leeds County, Ontario in 1851 and came west in 1875. He worked for five years as a trader with the indigenous peoples in the area north of Edmonton with his younger brother, Thomas Gifford Hutchings. In 1880 he took up farming, originally in the Bittern Lake area and married Agnes Cram of Carleton Place ON. They returned west in the fall, travelling part of the way from Manitoba in the company of Frank Oliver and his press, and James Ross (hardware company). They spent the first winter in Bittern Lake, but the following year moved north of Edmonton to homestead in the Poplar Lake area. The Hutchings raised dairy cattle as well as farming grains. They raised eight children on the farm, 5 daughters and 3 sons. Alfred Hutchings died in 1905 and Agnes Hutchings moved with her daughters to Edmonton in 1907. The sons remained to farm the land.

Hook Signs Ltd

  • AR-MS-687
  • Corporate body
  • 1912-1998

Beginning by painting dairy ads on milk wagons, Clyde A. Hook expanded his business into outdoor advertising creating Hook Signs Limited in 1912 in Edmonton. The business did billboards as well as painting advertisements on the sides of buildings. Hook Signs soon spread throughout the city.
In the 1930s the company expanded into Calgary by purchasing Ernest Willis Ltd., and created Hook Signs (Calgary) Limited. The following decade Hook Signs purchased City Sign Works and Lethbridge Posting Company, creating Hook Signs (Lethbridge) Limited. Also in the 1940s Hook expanded into neon signs, supervised by William Muir. The various Hook Signs companies were amalgamated in 1979 forming Hook Outdoor Advertising.
In 1981, the family sold the business to Jim Pattison and Hook Signs became part of the Jim Pattison Group, an advertising company based in Vancouver. The business retained the name Hook Signs until 1998 when the name was changed to Pattison.

Alberta Native Communications Society

  • AR-MS-94
  • Corporate body
  • 1966-1983

The Alberta Native Communication Society (ANCS) was formed originally in 1966 as the Cree Radio Program of Northern Alberta and was incorporated as a non-profit society in 1968.
The Society’s mandate was to produce and provide communications of all media from an Indigenous perspective to the Indigenous Peoples of Alberta. Their activities included print, radio, tv and film. Its audio-visual production activities made the ANCS the equivalent of an educational broadcaster similar to ACCESS or TVO. The society went bankrupt in 1983 after its funding was withdrawn and its video/film assets were sold to the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA).

Edmonton Chinese Freemasons Society

  • AR-MS-74
  • Corporate body
  • 1954 - current

The Chinese Freemason Society branch of Edmonton was founded in 1954 as an outpost of the national Chinese Freemason Society headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. The aims of the group were to preserve and promote Chinese culture within the larger, multicultural community, as well as provide members with recreational and social activities.

FIC - Found in clippings collection

  • AR-MS-0
  • Corporate body
  • 2015-current

It had been common practice to put small amounts of original material in clippings files. However, in 2015 the City of Edmonton Archives established a clippings committee to follow best practice and remove original archival material from the clippings files. The committee created a new classification within the private records (MS) collection and the government records (RG) collection to hold this material and make it accessible.

Schneider, Jean

  • AR-MS-1195
  • Person
  • 1934-1999

Jean M. Kaiser was born in Lloydminister, Saskatchewan to Irene Roy and Joseph Kaiser in 1934. The family moved to Alberta and a sister, Louise, was born in 1939, and a brother, Norman, was born in 1940. In 1953, Jean was teaching at St. Thomas School in Edmonton.

It is likely through teaching that she met Francis (Frank) A. Schneider. Frank began teaching with the Edmonton Catholic Schools and eventually became a Principal, and later Area Superintendent.

Jean Kaiser married Frank Schneider in 1955. The couple had one daughter, Patti-Jean, and five sons, Robert, John, Paul, Mark, and David.

Frank Schneider died in 1979. Jean Kaiser Schneider died in 1999.

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