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Perrin, Isabel

  • AR-MS-105
  • Persoon
  • 1903-2007

Isabel P. Perrin was born in 1903, possibly in Alberta. She married J. Murray Perrin and they lived in Edmonton. Isabel worked as a secretary and Murray worked as service technician. At the time of donation, both Isabel and Murray were retired.

J. Murray Perrin died in 2003. Isabel Perrin died in 2007. They are buried at the Westlawn Memorial Garden Cemetery in Edmonton.

Skinner, Amos

  • AR-MS-109
  • Persoon
  • 1912-2002

Amos L. Skinner was born in 1912 to Amos Ezekiel Skinner and Agnes Taylor. He was the grandson of early Riverdale resident, Harry Taylor.
Amos married Margaret W. Jeffrey in 1941 in Edmonton. They had three children: Doug, Carolyn and Barbara. Amos worked as a carpenter and caretaker, and did construction work. Amos Skinner died 5 Mar 2002 in Edmonton.

Cameron Family

  • AR-MS-115
  • Familie
  • 1853-1971

Cameron, Elizabeth 1853-1933
Hall, Alice Cameron 1893-1971

Alice Cameron was born around 1893 to John and Elizabeth Cameron of Edmonton. In 1916, Alice Cameron married Erastus Kells (E. Kells) Hall in Edmonton. They had three children, a son Kells, and two daughters, W? and Louise.

E. Kells Hall was a civil engineer and worked for the CNR. Around 1940 the family left Alberta, and moved first to Ottawa and then later to Montreal.

E. Kells Hall died 25 Feb 1958 in Montreal. Alice Cameron Hall died 21 Oct 1971. They are buried in the Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal.

Davies, Emma Wuetherick

  • AR-MS-116
  • Persoon
  • 1895-1975

Emma Wuetherick was born in 1895 to Jacob and Rosie Wuetherick.
She married Edward Davies in 1918. The Wuetherick and Davies families were pioneers and early residents of Fort Saskatchewan.

Edward A. Davies died in 1973 and Emma Wuetherick Davies died in 1975. They are buried at the Mount Pleasant Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton.

Egge Family

  • AR-MS-119
  • Familie
  • 1853-1973

Egge, Budd Newton 1881-1954
Egge, Clara 1883-1973
Egge, Cynthia Nash 1860-1922
Egge, Jessie Cyrus 1889-1931
Egge, Newton 1853-1929

Newton Egge was born in the United States around 1854. He married Cynthia Nash in 1880. They had three children – Budd Newton, Clara Belle and Jesse Cyrus.
The family arrived in the Edmonton area around 1894 to try his hand in coal mining. In 1898, Newton took a homestead and moved the family from Fort Edmonton to Halfway Lake (near Clyde) on the Athabasca Trail.
Between 1898 and 1906, Newton Egge built a stopping house in the area. Stopping houses were farm-houses that took in guests and provided meals. When the railway to Athbasca Landing was completed in 1912, trail traffic greatly reduced and the Egges reverted primarily to farming. Cynthia Nash Egge died in 1922 and Newton Egge died 31 Dec 1929 in Lethbridge. They are buried in the Dungannon Cemetery in Clyde, Alberta. Egge descendants continued to live in the Edmonton area.
The well-known Egge stopping house was moved to Fort Edmonton Park where it was restored.

Les Soeurs de l’Assomption de la Sainte Vierge

  • AR-MS-112
  • Instelling
  • 1928-1972

Les Soeurs de l’Assomption la Sainte Vierge was founded in the parish of Grégoire-de-Nicolet, Quebec in 1853. In 1891 the order began to offer educational opportunities at boarding convent and day schools in St. Paul, Bonnyville, Maillaig, LaCorey, St. Vincent, Brosseau, and Lafond. In Edmonton they were known for the Assumption Academy, which offered a bilingual education to Edmonton girls from 1928 to 1972.

McDonald, Kenneth

  • AR-MS-120
  • Persoon
  • 1828-1906

Kenneth McDonald was born in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland in 1828 and came to Rupert’s Land as a Hudson’s Bay Company employee ca. 1847. He married Emma Rowland (daughter of William Rowland, an employee of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and Betsey Ballendine) on Feb. 10, 1854. They settled in the Fort Edmonton district in 1860 and he claimed River Lot 20 after the transfer of Rupert’s Land to Canada in 1870. They had seven children, William, Alex, Caroline, Betsy, Flora, Eliza and Catherine.
Kenneth McDonald died on 6 Aug 1906.
Kenneth McDonald’s farm home was moved to Fort Edmonton Park in 1967 and preserved.

Hutchings, Alfred

  • AR-MS-122
  • Persoon
  • 1851-1905

Alfred Hutchings was born in Leeds County, Ontario in 1851 and came west in 1875. He worked for five years as a trader with the indigenous peoples in the area north of Edmonton with his younger brother, Thomas Gifford Hutchings. In 1880 he took up farming, originally in the Bittern Lake area and married Agnes Cram of Carleton Place ON. They returned west in the fall, travelling part of the way from Manitoba in the company of Frank Oliver and his press, and James Ross (hardware company). They spent the first winter in Bittern Lake, but the following year moved north of Edmonton to homestead in the Poplar Lake area. The Hutchings raised dairy cattle as well as farming grains. They raised eight children on the farm, 5 daughters and 3 sons. Alfred Hutchings died in 1905 and Agnes Hutchings moved with her daughters to Edmonton in 1907. The sons remained to farm the land.

APEGGA Women's Club

  • AR-MS-125
  • Instelling
  • 1949-2009

The APEGGA [Alberta Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists Association] Women's Club, also known as the Ladies Auxilliary E.I.C [Engineers' Institute of Canada], Engineers' Wives Association of Edmonton, Engineers' Wives Club, E.IC. and A.P.E.A. [Alberta Professional Engineers' Association], Engineers' Wives Club and Professional Engineers Wives' Club during its existence, was organized in September 1949. It was a social group, designed to acquaint wives of Edmonton engineers with each other. It organized social activities, interest groups and special events. It was renamed the APEGGA Women's Club in 1993 and was disbanded in 2009 at its 60th anniversary.

Taylor, Iain C.

  • AR-MS-127
  • Persoon
  • 1943-current

Iain C. Taylor was born May 25, 1943. He was educated at the universities of Leeds (B.A. Hons., 1964), Toronto (M.A., 1966) and Liverpool (Ph.D., 1976) as a geographer, specializing in urban studies. While studying, he worked for the Ontario government, University Of Toronto and Seneca College, the University of Liverpool and Open University in England. In 1973, he became an original member of the faculty of Athabasca University when it was created as an institutional primarily focused on distance education.

Iain Taylor was involved in a number of community and political groups in Edmonton AB, including the Cromdale Community League (1974-1978), Action Edmonton, an community advocacy group on the design and construction of the Commonwealth Games stadium (1974-1976), a member of the Mayor's ad hoc Commonwealth Games Stadium Committee (1974-ca. 1979); and the Urban Reform Group Edmonton (URGE), a civic political party (Board member, 1976-1978, 1980-1981, President, 1977-1978). He ran unsuccessfully as an URGE candidate for alderman in 1980.

From 1991-1996, he was Chief Geographer, National Atlas of Canada (later Geomatics Canada) and Manager Conservation Programs, Atlantic Canada region, Environment Canada, 1996-1999. From 1995, he has been a land use and heritage property consultant, operating under the firm, North by Northwest, in Halifax NS.

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